Senate Information Technology Committee

The Senate Information Technology Committee is a Standing Committee of the Academic Senate and works to formulate, review and recommend all policies and procedures.  The committee also examines academic and administrative information technology issues and promotes on and off-site technology for instruction, learning, research and campus operation.


  • Allocation of IT Resources
  • Access and Utilization
  • Privacy and Security of Information Systems
  • Information Technology–Related Product and Service Acquisition Procedures
  • Curricular Uses of Information Technology
  • Receiving, sharing and promoting information among all members of the university community concerning the appropriate uses of information technology
  • Acting as an advisory body on information technology to the Academic Senate as well as to other members of the university community.



  • Nikolas Nikolaidis, Biological Science
  • Phoolendra Mishra, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Charles Grieb, Art (Chair)
  • Jim Collison, Communications
  • Nancy Fitch, History (Senator)
  • Nimer Alrushiedat, ISDS
  • Moon Joo Kim, Library – Administration 
  • Sharon Seidman, Child & Adolescent Studies
  • Loretta Donovan, Elementary & Biling Education
  • Karyl Ketchum, Women's Studies
  • Mildred Garcia, President
  • Designee: Amir Dabirian, VP–IT (Senator)
  • Anil Puri, Interim Provost/VPAA
  • Designee: Steve Walk, Interim AVP for South County Operations and Initiatives
  • Danny Kim, VP–Admin & Finance/CFO
  • Designee: Welson Badal, Admin & Finance – IT
  • Designee: John Carroll, IT-Ctr for Academic Tech
  • Berenecea Johnson-Eanes, VP Student Affairs
  • Designee: Elahe Amani, Dir-Tech Svcs, SA
  • Sandeep Chopra, Director IT, UEE
  • Erica Bowers, Interim Director of FDC
  • Shelli Wynants, Interim Director Online Ed & Training
  • Emily Bonney, Liberal Studies