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TITANium by Moodle Upgrade Summer 2013

Information Technology has brought up a new TITANium system.  This system is now available through a new button on the TITANium tab.  It will be used for summer 2013 – spring 2014 online course materials.  The new system is based on the latest version of Moodle 2.4.  Details on the upgrade are available on this page.

When will courses be available for faculty?

Courses are now available.  Please keep in mind faculty are assigned to their courses 24-48 hours after it appears in their Titan Online.

When will courses be available to students?

Courses will be available to students as soon as the instructor makes the course available.  Please keep in mind students are enrolled in their courses 24-48 hours after it appears in their Titan Online.

How is the new system accessed?

A new button has been placed on the TITANium tab landing page in the portal and in the iFullerton mobile app.

What are the new features in Moodle 2.4?

Moodle 2.4 focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes.  A full list of the new features are available at

What is the benefit of bringing up a new button as opposed to upgrading the current system?

The new button can be brought online without a lengthy down time for the production button.  Also, bringing up a new button allows for older courses to be archived without impacting users.

Where can faculty get Titanium training?

Faculty training is available from the Faculty Development center.  Check out their site at

How can faculty move course information into the new Titanium button?

The easiest way to copy course materials from the previous year is to use the new "simple restore" block.  Instructions are available at QRG-How_to_Copy_Course_Materials_Using_Simple_Restore_Block.

Instructions for copying course materials using the more complex backup and restore method are available at QRG-How_to_Copy_a_Course_from_Older_Titanium_Buttons

Will this upgrade affect Titanium communities?

Titanium communities are kept on their own system.  The new Summer 2013 button will not affect Titanium communities.

Who can I contact about more questions regarding the upgrade?

Please email questions to  Thanks.