TitanCard Terms and Conditions: Stored Value Account

By opening a stored value account, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Account Administration: The TitanCard Office administers the University's various stored value accounts. Funds deposited are referred to as "TitanTender." Several different types of cards are available. TitanCards are issued using your campus ID number. Specialty and meal cards are issued using a unique 16-digit number.

Nature of the Account: Your card acts as a stored value account ("Account"); it is not a credit card. No negative balances, cash withdrawals or cash advances are permitted. The University accepts and holds prepaid funds, and applies these funds to purchases of goods and services made with your Account. Other than Account closing and refund fees, the University will not charge any fees for the use of your Account. Account balances do not accrue interest or other earnings.

Establishing an Account Balance: Deposits can be made using cash, checks or credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express). There is no minimum balance; however, the University may set a maximum Account balance.

Accessing an Account and Responsibility for purchases made: You may use your Account to purchase goods and services at authorized University establishments. You are responsible for all purchases made from your Account. Do not give your card to anyone. Report lost or stolen cards to the TitanCard Office immediately and the card will be rendered inactive.

Account Statement: You can obtain an electronic record of your Account transactions via your student Portal; click on the TitanCard tab.  

Disclosure to third parties: Your Account information will be released only as permitted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, California's Information Practices Act, Title 5 of California's Code of Regulations, and /or any other applicable law.

California Law governs these terms and conditions.

Liability and Disputes

Liability for unauthorized purchases: The University does not assume any liability for purchases made from a lost or stolen card.

Disputed Account charges: If you believe your Account has been charged in error, you must contact the TitanCard Office within 60 days after the date of the questioned transaction(s). Unchallenged transactions more than 60 days old are deemed valid.

Reporting Disputed Account charges: In order to investigate disputed charges, the following information must be provided to the TitanCard Office: your name, campus identification number (or 16 digit card number), place, and the approximate day and time, of the charge.

Investigation of disputed charges: The TitanCard Office will make every effort to notify you of the results of its investigation within 10 business days from the date when you first reported the disputed charge (s). If it is determined that an error has occurred, your Account will be credited.

Closing An Account

Closing an Account: You may close your Account at anytime, however, please keep in mind that the account will remain permanently closed. Accounts closed at your request will be charged 6% of the Account balance or $5.00, whichever is greater. If money was deposited via a credit card the money will be reimbursed back to the card. The University may close any Account.

Automatic Account Closings: An Account will be closed automatically one year after the date when you cease to be a student at or an employee of the University. Any remaining balances in Accounts automatically closed will be forfeited to the University.