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Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a group of I.T. tools used by faculty, staff, and students to enhance their online experience at Cal State Fullerton. The LMS can be used to enhance traditional courses or be used as the primary means of communication for online courses.

The LMS, Titanium, is base on Moodle, an open source product. Information Technology supports, maintains, and develops this software platform. Instructional support and training is provided by the Faculty Development center.


Summer 2015 Titanium Courses Available on Moodle 2.8 System

Faculty and Students can now access the new Titanium system through the campus portal or iFullerton app.  The new system is based on Moodle 2.8 and has several interface and functionality improvements.

Details on changes in the new system are available in our new features guide at QRG_New_Features_in_Summer_2015-Spring_2016_Titanium_System.pdf.


Titanium Quick Reference Guides

How to Copy Course Materials From the Previous Year
Faculty can now copy materials from the previous year into the new system using the “simple restore” block.  Instructions are available at QRG-How_to_Copy_Course_Materials_Using_Simple_Restore_Block.pdf.

YouTube and Titanium
YouTube is a useful site for posting and sharing videos. A guide for uploading videos to YouTube and linking them to Titanium is available at QRG_How_to_use_Youtube_to_add_Videos_to_a_Titanium_Course.pdf .

McGraw Hill Campus Integration
Titanium course s can now be linked to online textbooks and activities via the McGraw Hill campus application.  Instructions are available at QRG_How_to_Connect_a_Titanium_Course_to_McGraw_Hill_Campus.

iClicker Integration
Scores from iclicker sessions can now by synced with Titanium courses.   Details are available in our guide at QRG_How_to_get_Started_using_the_iClicker_Titanium_Integration.  The iClicker application for Windows can be downloaded here CSUF iClicker for Windows

Offline grading of assignments including feedback upload
Teachers can now use the offline grading option for easily grading groups of assignments in an excel sheet and uploading the data (including feedback).  Instructions are available at QRG-How_to_use_Offline_Assignment_Grading_in_Titanium.pdf.

Attendance Module
The Attendance module is now available in summer 2014 and newer Titanium courses.  Details are available in our guide at QRG_How_to_use_the_Attendance_Module_in_Titanium.pdf.


About Moodle

Titanium, a Moodle system, is a Learning Management System (LMS) that has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. Details on the moodle product are available at

Accessing Titanium
Titanium can be accessed through the TITANium tab in the portal or via the iFullerton mobile device application.

Thursday Night Downtime
Titanium is frequently unavailable Thursday nights after 10pm for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Titanium Communities
To request a Titanium Community, please email the name of the community to from your faculty/staff email account.

Moodle Essential Training for Teachers is now available on To access Moodle training from, perform the following steps:

  • Click the tab in your campus portal.
  • Click the "Login to:" button.
  • Log in with your campus username and password.
  • In the "what would you like to learn" search box, enter "Moodle 2 Training for Teachers" and click "Search".
  • Select the course "Moodle 2 Essential Training for Teachers".

Need Help?
If you want to learn more about using Titanium features, contact the Faculty Development Center at or (657) 278-4722.

If you have any questions regarding your portal access to Titanium classes, please click the HELP button or contact the IT Helpdesk at IT or (657) 278-7777.