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 California State University, Fullerton



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Web Publishing

The CSUF community has embraced web technologies in just about every aspect of daily life.  From teaching classes, sharing important information, to providing services the web has changed how we do business.  As part of this developing online presence the campus has been hard at work crafting the CSU Fullerton image and experience.  Included in this effort Information Technology has been working to help make this move as painless as possible as we move into the next phase of managed content using an online content management system (CMS).  

Several key resources have come together over the years in designing content for the web and making sure that your message is both clearly communicated and accessible to all has meant significant changes for web publishers.  The Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) continues to ensure that our content meets accessibility standards though teaching, monitoring, and on-going refinement of content.  Strategic Communications and Information Technology are working together to help implement OmniUpdate's OU Campus to departments which brings a unified campus expereince for anyone navigating the CSU Fullerton websites.  OU Campus helps connect content contributors and web designers in a way which allows each to contribute their talents to making excellent web content which can be used today as well transitioning easily into new formats moving forward.

As part of the campus ATI and Identity management teams we have pulled together some resources which help you keep your web content in line with campus expectations.  Please take some time to review the campus guidelines for page design as well as the 508 Web Standards regarding accessible content.  Strategic Communications has created a site which helps explain formatting and presentation of content for campus websites.