Email & Titan Apps

The campus provides each student with an Office 365 Outlook email account and access to a suite of services, Titan Apps, provided by Google (G-Suite  such as Google Docs, Google Drive).  You can access your email and your Titan Apps by logging in to your CSUF Portal account.

Password Change

Based on CSU security best practices, the campus password expiration guideline requires that all students change their campus supplied credential password annually.

Password Change Policy

Student Email Migration

The campus has migrated student email accounts from Gmail to Office 365 Outlook.  This migration impacts email accounts only, students will still have access to Titan Apps (G-Suite). All student accounts now using Office 365 Outlook. 


Note: If you setup your student email on  a mobile device mail app or laptop, you will need to update the app settings to use Outlook servers.

 Student Email Migration Website

Office 365 Outlook Guides

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Office 365 Outlook Features

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