New Content

Whether you're just getting started or changing what you already have eventually you'll need something new and we're here to help you.  While this section covers just how to create items you can learn more about changing or moving files in the rename / move section.

Websites are living documents which will change over time.  We like to think of websites as file cabinets that you can configure to meet your needs.  The drawers of the cabinets represent the folders and the web pages, images, videos, and more being files within those folders.  

If you are new to website managment it can seem overwhelming at first.  Check out the best practices section for some advice on administrating your site.  The tabs, the files, and the very structure of your website is completely up to you as long as it maintains the standards of ATI and follows a logical workflow.

Looking For Some Advice?

We have some great tips on how to make sure your users get the most out of your site while making it easier on you to manage all your content.

Best Practices