Creating Folders (directories)

The first folder of your site is known as the root, it will be represented in OU Campus as your house icon.  When the house is black you are looking at the root directory.  

Other folders are listed as yellow folder icons in the content listing.

Begin creating a new directory or file by selecting the NEW button

Creating a Folder

After clicking the "+NEW" button, you will see "Create New Folder" cleverly hidden in the top left of the window.

NOTE: The terms folder and directory are interchangable.

New directories can only be created using lowercase letters, numbers, dashes (-), and underscores (_). OU Will not allow you to do otherwishe.

Directory naming rules

Creat a New Folder link is located in the top left


Your site comes prebuilt with folders starting with an underscore (_), and these are the "system" folders. They contain all of the content that makes your site work.  DO NOT name your content folders with an underscore if they are going to be linked to. The underscore just pushes the folders to the top and keeps them out of the way of your main content.