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Office of Student Academic Support

Welcome to the Office of Student Academic Support! We are committed to creating and actualizing a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable university environment where all students feel supported and have the agency to be successful in their academic and personal journey at Cal State Fullerton.

In addition to our holistic and relational Academic Advising teams, Supplemental Instruction, University Learning Center, and the University Honors Program, we support students through various programs and initiatives, including Health Professions Advising, Fullerton Together (Supportive Pathways to First Year Program), Early Assessment Program, California Promise/Fullerton Finish, and RESET (Reimagining Success for Every Titan).

Begin your Titan success story today! 

Office of Academic Support

2600 Nutwood Ave. 
Fullerton. CA 92834-9480

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM


Phone (657) 278-2328