Accessible Technology Initiative

This website is designed to track and document Cal State Fullerton's response to the CSU's Accessible Technology Initiative, a system wide effort to meet the needs of the disabled members of its constituency.

Compliance Sheriff Update

Last week, some random scans completed with unusually high percentages, e.g., 99% or 100% with no failures or warnings.  If you are getting this, we are working with the support team to fix this problem.  (10/17/2017)

Website ATI Scanning Emails

The Campus has initiated an automated process of sending reminder emails to all site contacts when a site's last scan information is more than 30 days old.  If you are a contact for multiple sites you would receive an email for each site that fails to upload scan results.  The Campus website goal is to maintain ATI compliancy monthly and getting your scans in is a requirement to show your site is still up to date and compliant.  For information on how to do this please review the Website Compliancy section on this site for details on reviewing your site information, how to scan and fix your sites, then upload your scan results.  This process needs to be done by site owners monthly.  Thank you for your attention to this.

Learn how to review, fix, and pass your sites

Website Compliancy

Is your campus website compliant with section 504/508 and CSU standards?

Learn about making instructional materials ATI Compliant

Instructional Materials

Are your instructional materials accessible to persons with or without disabilities?

ATI Compliancy for Purchasing items at CSUF

Procurement Info

Does your product or service conform to section 508 Accessibility standards for Electronic & Information Technology?


If you need access to web sites, Compliance Sheriff, or want to get your website added to our list let us know.  IT Web Services has forms to help

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