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Basic Needs Services

6 Areas of Basic Needs Services

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Our Office

Basic Needs Services provides comprehensive programs and support to students who experience unforeseen hardships that often result in food, housing, and financial insecurity. 

About Us

Please be advised Basic Needs Services is not an on-call (24/7) department.  

Basic Needs Services operates Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. We provide primarily campus-based services during regular business hours. Information about our services can be found under Services & Eligibility (see below).

If you require immediate basic needs assistance, please dial 2-1-1 to be connected to community resources. Visit  for further information. 

If you are experiencing an immediate risk to health or safety, please call 911 or University Police at (657) 278-2515.


If you are interested in requesting food, temporary housing, or financial assistance, please submit your request by completing the online form and a staff member will follow up within 1-3 business days.

Please take into account that there may occasionally be a longer response time, including after business hours on weekdays, weekends, holidays,  campus closures, or due to a high number of requests. Please be patient. We do our best to reply as soon as possible!


Services & Eligibility

CSUF students seeking Basic Needs Services must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Currently enrolled and matriculated during the semester of their request, including winter and summer sessions. Open University and Extended Education students are not eligible.
  • Enrolled at least part-time in the semester of their request.
  • In good academic standing (2.0 GPA). Requests from students with a GPA lower than 2.0 might be reviewed.
  • Experiencing a current, very recent unanticipated basic needs insecurity such as food, housing, vehicle, utilities, or medical-related during the semester seeking assistance.

All requests are subject to review by the CSUF Care Review Committee.

food assistance options and if you are able to access them based on certain criteria


Food Assistance

Food assistance through Basic Needs is intended as short-term assistance while students are connected to long-term resources such as CalFresh or local food banks and pantries.

Temporary Housing is available for students experiencing current, immediate, and unexpected housing issues. Learn about the eligibility criteria


Temporary Housing

Temporary housing is for students experiencing a current, immediate unexpected housing situation. Availability is subject to change based on occupancy.

financial assistance opportunity for students with unforeseen expense related to their academic journey


Financial Assistance

 Students who experience an unforeseen financial hardship can request the Basic Needs Grant for assistance with unpaid basic needs expenses they cannot resolve.

students can obtain 5 hygiene products a month

Hygiene Products

Hygiene Products

Students in need of hygiene products can access up to 5 full-sized hygiene products per month.

This is a walk-in service for currently enrolled students.

professional attire for interviews

Tuffy's Career Closet

Career Closet

Students in need of gently worn professional attire can access up to 6 items of clothing per month.

This is a walk-in service for currently enrolled students.


Basic Needs Services offers several presentations, trainings and workshops for CSUF students, faculty and staff to help support the Titan Experience. 

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The Basic Needs Center is located on the first floor of McCarthy Hall room 143 (MH 143).

The Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. Please contact our office at or call us at (657) 278-3583.

Campus Map of where the Basic Needs Center is located