Graduate Student Experiences 

What recent graduates of the M.S. program at CSUF are saying:



M.S. 2018
Current Position:  Chemist I at Bachem 

"The graduate program at CSUF is focused on the success of its' students.  The professors are really helpful and interested in providing you with the best learning experience. There is a diverse amount of research that you can choose from with advanced equipment that will prepare you for future careers or Ph.d programs. All of the techniques and skills I learned from the graduate program have been beneficial and made extensive training in industry unnecessary."

Anastasia Martinez


Omar Muneeb


M.S. 2018

"The master degree program in chemistry at CSUF has helped me dramatically personally and professionally. My passion for research and teaching has grown tremendously, allowing me to tackle the greatest problems in the field of Chemistry.  I have built and gained numerous connections with professors and aspiring scientists to aid in my career. Teaching at CSUF was an unbelievable experience, not only outwards to the creative world, but also inwards to expand my horizons beyond my own perceived limitations of my own personality. Moreover, throughout my master degree, I had the privilege to have my name published in various scientific peer-reviewed journals. This degree has allowed me to drastically grow and excel as a researcher and to become more confident in becoming a leader and mentor. I learned something new every day, every single day was a learning experience.  I highly suggest anyone to pursue a master degree as it will provide endless opportunities."