Faculty Risk Management

Risk Management of Academic Internships and Service-Learning Experiences

There are two documents that the university uses to manage risk in relation to credit- bearing off-campus experiences: the University-Community Learning Activity Agreement, and the Participation Consent Form. The University-Community Learning Activity Agreement is a contract that guides the relationship between the university and the off-campus entity hosting our students in a credit-bearing off-campus experience.

Learning Activity Agreement Overview

    • The Agreement is generated by CSUF's Office of Contracts and Procurement.
    • The Agreement is signed by the authorized person as designated by the off-campus entity and CSUF's Office of Contracts and Procurement.
    • All agreements are reviewed periodically, usually every 5 years unless an issue has been noted and needs to be investigated.
    • The signing of the Agreement is preceded by the off-campus entity registering with CSUF through the Center for Internships & Community Engagement
    • Agreements are usually processed 7 to 21 days after the off-campus entity registers with CICE, but can take longer if it the entity's board needs to gather internal approvals, etc.

Note: CSUF's Office of Contracts and Procurement is the only authorized entity that may sign a contract, agreement or any legal document which binds the University. No other person may sign such a document on behalf of the University. This is in accordance with the President’s Directive on University Risk Management.

Sample Learning AgreementPDF File

Overview: Participation Consent Form

The Participation Consent Form alerts students who wish to participate in a credit-bearing off-campus experience of the possible risks involved with such activities. The Participation Consent Form is integrated into the online CICE Registration process and students must indicate that they have read and agreed to the terms stated before they can complete their online registration, acknowledging that they understand the risks involved specific to the site (off-campus entity) at which they have chosen to complete their learning activities.

  • Students are able to print a copy of the agreement while completing the registration. Faculty can request a copy be submitted to them.
  • A digital record of the Participation Consent Form will be kept for a minimum of 5 years per CSU policy.
  • Faculty may acquire a printout of all students who have completed the Participation Consent Form along with the Placement List of the students by using the CICE Faculty Interface.

If a student is unable to complete the Participation Consent Form, please refer him or her to the CICE office.

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Students Under 18

Students under the age of 18 who wish to undertake an academic internship or service-learning experience must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian. This process is integral to the online CICE registration process. Students will be prompted to print the Participation Consent Form and have this signed by a parent or guardian before submitting to CICE. A copy of the signed Participation Consent Form will be kept on file with CICE for 5 years and is available upon faculty request.