Community Engagement Awards


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Medals: applications due March 24

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community engagement awards

The Center for Internships & Community Engagement invites partner organizations, students, and CSUF personnel to nominate candidates for the Community Engagement Awards. With these honors, we are proud to recognize the outstanding examples of leadership, service, and partnership that strengthen the many bonds of engagement that the University shares with the community.

Nominations are accepted from partner organizations, students, or CSUF personnel; self-nominations are acceptable.


Stewards of Place

These awards honor outstanding reciprocal partnerships that respond to identified community needs, engage students in course-related service, and provide faculty with opportunities to develop the scholarship of engagement through research and/or publications.


Most Committed Partner

1) Dedication and fulfillment of responsibilities. Describe how the nominee has contributed time, effort and/or resources to participate in CICE programs and fulfill its responsibilities as a host site. 2) Support of CSUF staff, faculty and/or students. Describe how the nominee has supported CSUF staff, faculty and/or students, and provide 2 or 3 examples.


Extraordinary Acts of Service Award

This award recognizes a student who has performed exceptional act(s) of course-related service. This award recognizes students who have shown commitment above and beyond their duties to accomplish project(s) that result in tangible benefit for a community partner organization. To be eligible, students must be able to demonstrate that they have met certain criteria (request application form for details). The information provided will be verified through CICE’s placement system.

Outstanding Student Leader Award

This award recognizes a service-learning student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in course-related service to the community. Candidates are students who have shown creativity and initiative and have taken risks to complete tasks that advance goals of the organization or agency where the service-learning takes place or have made valuable contributions that positively impact their colleagues, the organization, or the community.

AmeriCorps sashes

logo AmeriCorps

Graduating students have completed two years of service during the last four years as AmeriCorps Members receive a sash to be worn at Commencement.