CICE Service Learning Library Catalog

Scholarly Publications about Service Learning available to be borrowed

Free copies of the following texts available to CSUF faculty on request. 

  • Service-Learning Essentials (Jacoby 2015)
  • Learning through Servicing (Cress, Collier, Reitenauer and Associates 2013)

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The following titles are available for check-out to CSUF faculty. Please visit the CICE office, or send an email to request a title be sent to your office via campus mail.


Anderson, Swick, Yff. Service Learning In Teacher Education (2001)
Battistoni, RM. Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum (2002)
Berens, Linda. Understanding Yourself and Others (2008)
Blanchard, Johnson. The One Minute Manager (1982)
Blaustein, Arthur I. Make A Difference: America's Guide To Volunteering and Community Service (2003)
Braskamp, Trautvetter, Ward. Putting Students First (2006)
Bringle, Hatcher, Jones. International Service Learning (2011)
Bringle, Phillips, Hudson. The Measure of Service Learning (2004)
Burlingame. Philanthropy In America (2004)
Calderon, Z. Jose. Rage, Poverty, and Social Justice (2007)
Campbell, Hamerlinck, Han. Civic Engagement in Higher Education (2007)
Campus Compact. Snapshots of Service In The Disciplines (1996)
Campus Compact. Benchmarks (2000)
Campus Compact. Science and Society: Redefining the Relationship (1996)
Chapdelaine, Ruiz, Warchal, Wells. Service-Learning Code of Ethics (2005)
Chen, Huey-Tsyh. Practical Program Evaluation (2005)
Claire, Gaudiani. The Greater Good: How Philanthropy Drives the American Economy and Can Save Capitalism (2003)
Clayton, Bringle, Hatcher. Research on Service Learning (2013)
Colby, Ehrlich, Beaumont, Stephens. Educating Citizens (2003)
Collins. Good To Great And The Social Sectors (2005)
Columbia College Chicago. Art/Vision/Voice (2005)
Cress, Collier, Reitenauer. Learning Through Serving (2013)
Cress, Donahue. Democratic Dilemmas of Teaching Service-Learning (2011)
Crutchfield, McLeod Grant. Forces For Good: The six practices of High-Impact Nonprofits (2008)
Danielson, Fallon. Community-Based Learning and the Work of Literature (2007)
Davis, Lynn. The Civically Engaged Reader (2006)
Donaldson, Scriven. Evaluating Social Programs and Problems (2003)
Driscoll, Amy & Lynton Ernest. Making Outreach Visible: A Guide to Documenting Service & Outreach (1999)
Fullerton. California State University. Advancing Community Engagement With Student Leaders: A "How - To" Manual (2009)
Galura, Lawsin. Filipino Women In Detroit: 1945 - 1955 (2002)
Galura, Pasque, Schoem, Howard. Engaging the Whole of Service Learning, Diversity, and Learning Communities (2004)
Gardner, Jewler. The Essential College Experience With Readings (2006)
Gardner, W. John. Living, Leading, and the American Dream (2003)
Gelmon, SB; Holland, BA; Driscoll, A; Spring, A and Kerrigan, S. Assessing Service Learning and Civic Engagement (2001)
Gerke, Berens. The I in Team (2005)
Graham. America The Owner's Manual Making Government Work For You (2010)
Green, Patrick. Crossing Boundaries (2014)
Hagedorn. People And Folks: Gangs, Crime and the Underclass in a Rustbelt City (1988)
Hammer, Doris M.. Building Bridges the Ally & Bacon Student Guide to Service Learning (2002)
Heffernan, Kerrissa. Fundamentals of Service Learning Course Construction (2001)
Henton, Melville, Walesh. Civic Revolutionaries: Igniting The Passion For Change in America's Communities (2004)
Hora, Matthew. A Guide To Building Education Partnerships (2011)
Howard, Jeffery. Praxis I: A Faculty Casebook on Community Service Learning (1993)
Hurd, Stein. Building and Sustaining Learning Communities (2004)
Intratot. Stories Of The Courage To Teach (2002)
Jacob, Barbara. Building Partnerships for Service Learning (2003)
Jacoby, Barbara. Civic Engagement In Higher Education (2009)
Jacoby, Barbara. Service Learning Essentials (2015)
Johnson, O'Grady. The Spirit of Service (2006)
Kaye. The Service Learning Book Shelf (1999)
Loeb, Paul Rogat. Soul of a Citizen (1999)
Loeb, Paul Rogat. The Impossible Will Take A Little While (2004)
Lofland, Lofland. Analyzing Social Settings (1995)
Long, Sarah E.. The New Student Politics (2001)
Mann, Sheila & Patrick, John J.. Education for Civic Engagement in Democracy (2000)
Mansfeild, MacLeod. Advocacy in Cambodia: Increasing Democratic Space (2002)
McDonald, Tracy. Social Responsibility and Sustainability (2011)
McGoldrick, Ziegert. Putting the Invisible Hand to Work (2005)
Mullen, Ann. Degrees of Inequality (2010)
Nae, Iom. Building A Better Delivery System (2005)
New York Times. Democracy and Civic Engagement (2004)
Nilson. Teaching At Its Best (2003)
Nyden, Figert, Shibley, Burrows. Building Community: Social Science in Action (1997)
O'Leary, Kevin. Saving Democracy (2006)
Packard Foundation. The Future Of Children (1999)
Palmer, J. Parker. The Courage To Teach: Exploring The Inner Landscape of A Teacher's Life (1998)
Palmer, J. Parker. The Courage To Teach: A Guide For Reflection And Renewal (1999)
Pelham, Sills. Promoting Health and Wellness In Underserved Communities (2009)
Percy, Zimpher, Brukat. Creating A New Kind of University (2006)
Ritter-Smith, Kathryn & Saltmarsh, John. When Community Enters the Equation: Enhancing Science, Mathematics & Engineering Education Through Service Learning (1998)
Schiebel, Bowley, Jones. The Promise of Partnerships (20054)
Smith, McCann. Reinventing Ourselves (2001)
Smith, Peter. The Quiet Crisis (2004)
Stahly, Geraldine. Gender Identity, Equity, And Violence (2007)
Stanton, Giles, Cruz. Service-Learning: A Movement's Pioneers Reflect on Its Origins, Practice, and Future (1999)
Suskie, Linda. Assessing Student Learning : a common sense guide (2004)
Swick, Winecoff, Rowls. Developing Leadership In Faculty and Students (1999)
Troppe, Marie. Connecting Cognition and Action: Evaluation of Student Performance In Service Learning Courses (1995)
True, Michael. InternQube (2011)
Tsang, Edmund. Projects That Matter (2007)
Weisbord, Janoff. Future Search (1995)
Wergin, Jon. The Collaborative Department (1994)
Wurr, Hellebrandt. Learning the Language of Global Citizenship (2007)
Zlotkowski, Longo, Williams. Students as Colleagues (2006)
Zubizarreta. The Learning Portfolio (2004)
Introduction to Service Learning Toolkit (2003)
Community Builders Tool Kit (1998)
Greater Expectations (2002)

Zlotkowski, Edward. Service-Learning in the Disciplines Series. (2005)
Learning by Doing: Accounting
Life, Learning, and Community: Biology
Service Learning in the Disciplines Communication Studies
Writing the Community: Composition
Service Learning in the Disciplines Environmental Studies
Connecting Past and Present: History
Working for the Common Good: Management
Service Learning in the Disciplines Philosophy
With Service in Mind: Psychology
From Cloister to Commons: Religious Studies
Construyendo Puentes (Building Bridges): Spanish
Learning With the Community: Teacher Education
The Practice of Change: Women Studies


Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement (2002)
Journal of Public Affairs, The (2002)
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning: Service-Learning Course Design Workbook
Summer 2001: Companion Volme
Fall 2001: Volme 8 Number 1
Fall 2002: Volume 9 Number 1
Summer 2003: Volme 9 Number 3
Fall 2003: Volume 10 Number 1
Winter 2003: Voume 9 Number 2
Spring 2004: Volume 10 Number 2
Summer 2004: Volume 10 Number 3
Fall 2004: Volume 11 Number 1
Spring 2005: Volume 11 Number 2
Fall 2005: Volume 12 Number 1
Spring 2006: Volume 12 Number 2
Fall 2006: Volume 13 Number 1
Spring 2007: Volume 13 Number 2
Spring 2008: Volume 14 Number 2
Fall 2008: Volume 15 Number 1
Spring 2009: Volume 15 Number 2
Fall 2009: Volume 16 Number 1
Fall 2010: Volume 17 Number 1
Spring 2011: Volume 17 Number 2
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning: Strategic Directions for Service-Learning Research
Fall 2000: Special Issue
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
Fall 1994: Volume 1 Number 1
Fall 1995: Volume 2
Fall 1996: Volume 3
Fall 1997: Volume 4
Fall 1998: Volume 5
Fall 1999: Volume 6
Fall 2000: Volume 7
Fall 2014: Volume 21 Number 1
Spring 2015: Volume 21 Number 2