Important Announcements with COVID-19

IRB: In-Person Research Restart Plan Announcement

The IRB will be continuing to accept new or modified applications to conduct in-person research starting Fall 2021. If you can still perform your research virtually, you are highly encouraged to continue to do so. In addition to IRB approval, all researchers must comply with the CSUF Research Reintegration Plan.

Consider the following prior to submitting your new or modified IRB application for review:

  • If possible, limit the number of researchers and participants in the research space (recommend one researcher with one participant in a 6-feet radius at one time)
  • Consider providing a COVID-19 fact sheet to participants prior and following participation.
  • Investigators must address how participants will be protected (PPE, sanitizing, humidifiers, be outdoors when possible, social distancing, etc.).
  • Consider using a COVID-19 screening procedure for all in person research activities prior to conducting research (including on and off campus research)
  • CSUF personnel (employees and students) doing work off campus must abide by any safety restrictions set in place by the site and local/state safety requirements

In addition to IRB requirements, you should also review the President’s Directive No. 22:  COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and Guidelines:

  • It is recommended to view the President’s Directive No. 22: COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and Guidelines where the university outlines how individuals should be protected when on campus
  • Participants who come to campus for short periods at a time as research participants are considered guests/visitors and part of the public. Therefore, they would not be required to be vaccinated.  However, all visitors entering CSUF would be expected to follow the general guidance provided in CSUF's General COVID-19 Safety for Visitors & VendorsPDF File .

For any questions or concerns, please contact the CSUF IRB at