ORSP Launches Initiative to Increase Institutional Grants

As Cal State Fullerton increases its research base, the need to apply for more competitive funding opportunities continues to grow. Large-scale, institution-level proposals have begun dominating the focus of colleges, investigators, and staff alike. In order to be competitive for this type of funding, foster interdisciplinary research, and better align to the university’s new strategic plan (2018-2023), ORSP will provide resources for grant writers towards applicable projects. With limited faculty and staff time, the addition of a grant writer will alleviate much of the stress of the aforementioned proposal preparation and increase the chance of funding.

Large-scale institutional grant or funding opportunities are defined as follows:

  • Must impact at least two colleges or two well-defined disciplines; include investigators from another college/department or must tangibly and directly affect students in other colleges
  • Must be at least $1M total budget.

Request for a contracted grant writer must be initiated by a Principle Investigator (PI) leading an investigative team on a new large-scale grant (re-submissions are not allowed) to the PI’s college dean. A completed Grant Writer Request Form signed and recommended by the PI’s college dean, along with the a two-page concept paper, justification for funds and the funding program solicitation, must be provided to ORSP for consideration and sign-off.

Each college (as a project lead) is limited to one grant writing service per academic year and hence, decides which project to recommended to ORSP for consideration.

Please click the links below for additional information:

AVP Research and Sponsored Projects memoPDF File

ORSP Grant Writer Request Form