The faculty section offers an alphabetical listing of all faculty in the Online MS in Environmental Engineering Program.

Garrett Struckhoff

Struckhoff, Garrett Cletus Ph.D.

Program Coordinator & Associate Professor 

Room: E-306

Phone: (657) 278-8079

E-mail: gstruckhoff@fullerton.edu

Website: N/A

Area of Expertise: Bioremediation and Phytoremediation


Jeff Kuo

Kuo, Jeff Ph.D., P.E.


Room: E-219

Phone: (657) 278-3995


Website: http://ecs.fullerton.edu/~jkuo Opens in new window

Area of Expertise: Environmental Engineering


KurwadkarKurwadkar, Sudarshan  Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Room: E-307

Phone: (657) 278-2457

E-mail: skurwadkar@fullerton.edu

Websitehttp://ecs.fullerton.edu/~skurwad Opens in new window

Area of Expertise: Environmental Engineering


Mishra, Phoolendra Ph.D.Mishra, Phoolendra Ph.D.

Associate Professor 

Room: E-319

Phone: (657) 278-8808

E-mail: pkmishra@fullerton.edu

Website: http://fullerton.edu/ecs/faculty/pkmishra Opens in new window

Area of Expertise: Hydarulics and Water Resources


Prasada RaoRao, Prasada Ph.D.


Room: E-312

Phone: (657) 278-3525


Website: http://faculty.fullerton.edu/mprasadarao

Area of Expertise: Hydraulics and Water Resources


Binod Tiwari

Tiwari, Binod Ph.D., P.E.


Room: E-419

Phone: (657) 278-3968



Area of Expertise: Geotechnical Engineering