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Your Responsibilities
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When you accept your financial aid award, you acknowledge your acceptance of the following terms of your award.

  1. You will enroll in classes at CSUF.

  2. You authorize California State University, Fullerton to apply your financial aid payments to your registration fees and other University charges and obligations.

  3. If necessary, you authorize Cal Grant B Stipend funds to pay your registration fees or you may rescind this authorization.

  4. If, for any reason, you do not receive your financial aid funding, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING REGISTRATION FEES OR ANY UNPAID PORTION OF THE FEES.

  5. You agree to report to the Office of Financial Aid any additional resources received including, but not limited to, scholarships, stipends, and grants from outside sources. If an overaward is created as a result of outside resources, your financial aid award may be reduced and/or billing occur for financial aid already paid to you.

  6. You agree to notify the Office of Financial Aid in writing of any change in your dependency status, academic status and/or graduation plans.

  7. You agree to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

  8. You are responsible for repaying any funds you receive which cannot reasonably be attributed to meeting your educational expenses at CSUF.

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