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Questions and Answers about Scholarships and Awards


What is the difference between scholarships and awards?

The difference between scholarships and awards is that students apply for scholarships and are nominated for awards. At Cal State Fullerton, both scholarships and awards are a means to honor outstanding achievement and to support continued achievement in the future.


Who funds scholarships?

Funding for university scholarships and awards comes from different sources, including private individuals, businesses, professional and trade associations, community service organizations, university support groups and CSUF alumni. Awards and scholarships are established as a way for donors to express their support for education.

Scholarship and award donors may have special objectives and will then establish certain criteria for their scholarship or award. Donors may wish, for example, to help students who are studying certain subjects, living in particular geographical areas or who are economically disadvantaged. Whatever their preferences, all scholarship and award donors are united in their desire to recognize students who have exceptional abilities and to help them meet the expenses associated with attending the university.


What is the “SA” application?

It is the application form called “Scholarship and Award Application”.


Where can I go for more information?

This Scholarship Bulletin provides the information about scholarships and awards that are dedicated to students enrolled at Cal State Fullerton. The bulletin includes phone numbers, room numbers, and descriptions and names of the office(s) that have the application or can provide information regarding the scholarship.

The Assistant Dean in each College Dean’s Office listed below will be able to offer assistance as well as the Office of Financial Aid located in UH-146.

· College of the Arts, VA-199

· College of Business and Economics, LH-700

· College of Communications, College Park 450

· College of Education, CP-500

· College of Engineering and Computer Science, CS-502

· College of Health and Human Development, EC-606

· College of Humanities and Social Sciences, H-211

· College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, MH-488

· Irvine Campus, Student Affairs Office, Room 101


Where can I find out about other scholarships?

Use your home computer or the computer lab at your local public library, high school or college to go on-line to locate scholarship sources at the following websites:

· Fast WEB -

· CollegeNet -

· College Board Scholarship Search -

· SRN Express (Scholarship Resource Network Express) -


How do I use this bulletin?

The table of contents appears on the front page, listing the four sections of the bulletin

· Associated Students Scholarships

· University Awards

· University Scholarships

· Academic School Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships are listed alphabetically by college. If you are looking for a particular scholarship or award, the index at the end of the bulletin will give you the page number.


How do I apply for these scholarships?

The application materials and procedures are not the same for every scholarship. It is imperative that you follow the procedures that are outlined. Failure to do this may invalidate your application. Some scholarships and awards will require official transcripts; some require letters of recommendation; and some require the application alone.


When will recipients be notified?

Notification should occur by the end of May. Only recipients of the scholarships and/or awards will be notified.


When is the money disbursed?

In the case of most scholarships and awards, recipients are selected during the Spring semester; funds are disbursed to recipients the following Fall after enrollment is verified. Specific disbursement information is indicated in the award notification letter.


If I receive a scholarship or award, will it affect my financial aid?

When you accept your financial aid award, you acknowledge your acceptance to report to the Office of Financial Aid any additional resources received including, but not limited to, scholarships, stipends and grants from campus and outside sources. If an overaward is created as a result of scholarships, this may result in a reduction of your financial aid award. 


Will I be notified if I’m not selected?

The notification process does not include a notification to all applicants but only to the selected recipient of the scholarship. The expected date of notification is by the end of May.


Definition of terms

Certain terms are used throughout this bulletin to describe criterion or requirements of eligibility for each scholarship. The terms are defined as:

· Continuing student—a student at Cal State Fullerton continuing the next academic year.

· Full-time undergraduate student—enrolled in 12 units every semester.

· Full-time graduate student—enrolled in 9 units, at least 6 of which are 500-level classes, every semester.

· New freshman/First-time freshman—a student who has not earned any college credits.

· Freshman—completed 1—29 units.

· Sophomore—completed 30—59 units.

· Junior—completed 60-89 units.

· Senior—completed 90 or more units.

When a scholarship description does not specifically state the number of units for which the student must be registered to be able to qualify for the scholarship, the committee will apply a minimum standard. This standard for undergraduates is 9 units and for graduate students is 6 units. 


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