Undergraduate Theses



Petrology of magmatic enclaves and mafic dikes in the Jack Main Canyon intrusive suite, central Sierra Nevada
Alejandra Angulo with Dr. Memeti

Sedimentologic Analysis of the Late Ordovician Lower Member of the Ely Springs Dolomite at Vaughn Gulch, Inyo County, California
Erin Boeshart with Dr. Woods

Petrography and geochemistry of enclaves across the Tuolumne intrusive complex, Sierra Nevada, CA
Ryan Bremer with Dr. Memeti

Geochronologic, petrographic and geochemical analysis of the migration and composition of the Tarana intrusive complex, Bathurst batholith, Eastern Australia
Celeste Flores with Dr. Memeti

Stratigraphic Variability in Response to Environmental Changes Across Short and Long Time Scales Along the Southern Monterey Bay Continental Shelf
Jamie Hayward with Dr. Carlin


13 year analysis of water pressure and chemical changes from well C.S.F-1, Fullerton, California
Terrinda Alonzo with Dr. Laton

Basalt Correlation in the Sylvania Mountains, California, by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, (X.R.F.)
Shayna Avila with Dr. J.Knott

The Half Dome granodiorite on the east side of the Tuolumne intrusive complex, Yosemite National Park, California: Big or small magma chambers?
John Ayers with Dr. Memeti

Description and phylogenetic analysis of a new leatherback sea turtle from the Miocene of Peru with comments on the diversity of mosaic-shelled dermochelyids through time
Kaycee Coonen with Dr. Parham

Designing Scientific Payloads for use on Extra-Planetary RoversByron CraggLatonGround source heat pump potential characterization for California State University, Fullerton
Adrian Escobar with Dr. Laton

Geochemical and Petrographic Analysis of Salt-Dome Associated Calcite Phases in Gulf Coast Cap Rocks: Implications for Carbon Sources and Paragenetic Evolution
Connor Frederickson with Dr. Loyd

Investigating magma plumbing systems and volcanic-plutonic connections in the Iron Mountain pendant, Sierra National Forest, California
Sabrina Green with Dr. Memeti

Using a virtual field trip to teach the plutonic history of Yosemite National Park
Isabel Guinto with Dr. Bursztyn

Investigating the volcanic-plutonic connection using geochemistry in the Minarets Caldera, eastern central Sierra Nevada mountain range, California
E. Gutierrez with Dr. Memeti

Stride like a velociraptor!
Rhyan Ibarra with Dr. Bursztyn

Correlation of basalts in Fish Lake Valley CA/NV using X-Ray Fluorescence
E. Jimenez with Dr. J.Knott

Evaluating Volcanic-Plutonic Connections in the Ireland Lake area in Yosemite National Park, California
Desiree Lucas with Dr. Memeti

Sedimentary Controls on Coastal Wetland Stability in Southern California
Tan Nguyen with Dr. Carlin

Interpreting Recent Stratigraphic Changes for the Northern Monterey Bay Continental Shelf
Victoria Severin with Dr. Carlin

A new fossil walrus from the late Miocene Empire Formation of Coos County, Oregon, and comparisons to OCPC 11141 from the Capistrano Formation of Orange County, California
Shookah Shahbazi with Dr. Parham

Safety element for Cal State University Fullerton understanding of hazards surrounding the campus
Joshua Vanderwal with Dr. Laton

Basalt Correlation in the Sylvania Mountains, California and Nevada
Amber Walker with Dr. J.Knott

Manageable molecular mineralogy: Developing a userfriendly interactive mineralogy game for mobile devices
Leah Wiitablake with Dr. Bursztyn


Sulfur isotope composition of salt-hosted anhydrite
Kaelin Andelin with Dr. Loyd

Examining the geochemical relationships between the Twentynine Palms and Queen Mountain plutons in Joshua Tree National Park
Alexander Arita with Dr. Memeti

Exploring Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (L.I.B.S.) for use in geologic provenance studies
Eduardo Chavez with Dr. Memeti

Event-scale mudflat sedimentation in Upper Newport Bay, California
Dulce Cortez with Dr. Carlin

Using zircon trace element signatures to evaluate the nature of Middle Jurassic magmatism within the southern forearc of the Sierra Nevada arc
Jovany Estrada with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Understanding the petrogenesis of the Twentynine Palms Quartz-Monzonite in Joshua Tree National Park using K-feldspar megacrysts
Lizzeth Flores with Dr. Memeti

Yosemite: A virtual field trip
Joseph Gutierrez with Dr. Bursztyn

Investigating variations in Holocene sedimentation along the Monterey Bay continental shelf
Kevin Hunter with Dr. Carlin

Playing in the sand: The Augmented Reality sandbox as an interactive topographic lesson
Danielle Jackson with Dr. Bursztyn

Identifying paleo-seismic events along the Newport-Inglewood fault zone
Ryutaro Koga with Dr. Carlin

Age, petrography, and geochemistry of the Tubatulabal volcanic suite, southwestern Kern Plateau, southern Sierra Nevada mountains, California
Zoe Kohler with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

A new fossil walrus from Southern California provides insights on the phylogeny and diversity of odobenids
Isaac Magallanes with Dr. Parham

Using zircon trace element signatures to evaluate a subset of Late Jurassic detrital zircons from within the Sierra Nevada arc
Anthony Mistretta with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

What motivates questionable interactions between humans and protected lands that result in destructive behavior?
Angelic Perez with Dr. Bursztyn

Statistical analysis of the relationship between coastal precipitation and desert precipitation across southern California
Hogan Rangel with Dr. Kirby

Geochemical and petrographic relations between mafic intrusions in post-Peach Spring tuff deposits in the southern Black Mountains, Meadow Creek basin, near Oatman, Arizona
Veronica Smith with D.Clemens-Knott

Are southern California salt marshes keeping pace with sea level rise: an investigation of salt marsh sedimentation in Upper Newport Bay, California, U.S.A.
Dane Van Orman with Dr. Carlin


Constraining the age of the Eocene Talega bonebed through microfossil vertebra
Michaela Adler with Dr. Parham

Using Ostracods in Silver Lake, California, to reconstruct past hydrologic variability
Andrea Arevalo with Dr. Kirby

Investigating modern sedimentation rates along the central California continental shelf
Amanda Avalos with Dr. Carlin

Major, minor, and trace element analysis of the Montney Formation, Peace River Embayment (eastern Alberta, Canada) following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction
Mauricio Avila with Dr. Woods

Applying apatite detrital fisson-track thermochronology to evaluate exhumation in southern Alaska
Christopher Baker with Dr. Armstrong

Vertebrate fauna and ungulate biostratigraphy of the highly fossiliferous Oso San member, Capistrano Formation, Orange County, California
Michelle Barboza with Dr. Parham

Post Permian-Triassic extinction productivity and paleooxygenation from analysis of trace elements from the Peace River Embayment region of eastern Alberta, Canada
Sam Bergeland with Dr. Woods

Gravity analysis to determine the subsurface geometry of the Sierra Nevada frontal fault system in Owens Valley
Dominic Chaulk with Dr. Armstrong

Nature of organic carbon associated with Miocene carbonate concretions of the Monterey Formation
Shawn Colby with Dr. Loyd

An articulated skeleton of a Carcharodon Hastalis from the Monterey Formation, Orange County, California
Crystal Cortez with Dr. Parham

Trace element analysis of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation of southwestern Alberta: Productivity and oxygen levels following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction
Brian Fullaway with Dr. Woods

Fault orientations of the Sierra Nevada frontal fault zone in the vicinity of Lone Pine, California: Implications for Basin and Range extension
Brian Gadbois with Dr. Armstrong

New species of the StemSeal Allodesmus from the Middle Miocene Topanga Formation of Orange County
Adrian Garibary with Dr. Parham

The Ely Springs Dolomite in the Nopah Range, eastern California and western Nevada
Andrew Grabow with Dr. Woods

Depositional history of a back-barrier lagoon through the mid to late Holocene
Michelle Harb with Dr. Carlin

Reconstruction of fire and climate from the Ford Lake sediments: southeast Mojave Desert, California
Brenna Hess with Dr. Kirby

Drilling methodology: A field guide and its use for the drilling industry
Nancy Ibarra with Dr. Laton

Dynamic analysis of Long Canyon in Desert Hot Springs, California
Stephen Jones with Dr. Rhodes

Geochemistry of basalts in the White Mountains and Horse Thief Hills, California
Jacob Katona with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Using geochemistry to establish the connection between dacites and rhyolites of the Bonanza tuff, San Juan volcanic field, CO
Natalie Law with Dr. Memeti

Possible ophiolite slivers embedded in the southwestern Sierra Nevada batholith, Kern and Bakersfield Counties, California
Enrique Lopez with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Investigating the magma processes responsible for the compositional variation in the northeastern Cathedral Peak lobe in Yosemite National Park
Scott Lowery with Dr. Memeti

Identification of a methane carbon source for organic carbon contained in salt dome cap rocks of the Gulf Coast
Baolong (Lucas) Lu with Dr. Loyd

Trace elemental analysis of productivity and oxygenation conditions within the western Canada sedimentary basin following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction
Anthony Macias with Dr. Woods

Searching for the source rock of cogstones in southern California
Ryan McKay with Dr. Memeti

A 1300 year run-off reconstruction from Crystal Lake in the San Gabriel mountains of southern California
Megan Murphy with Dr. Kirby

Hydrogeological survey of a mountainous region: The significance of monitoring water resources
Anthony Natividad with Dr. Laton

Palaeocurrents and provenance of the Mae Rim Formation, Chiang Mai Basin, northern Thailand
Dalin Nguyen with Dr. Rhodes

1300 years of hydroclimatic change recorded in Crystal Lake sediments
Tracy Nguyen with Dr. Kirby

Analysis of trace element variations of sedimentary rock samples from the western Canada sedimentary basin following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction
Julie Ortiz with Dr. Woods

Locating the volcanic source region of prehistoric cogged stones from southern California
Sierra Patterson with Dr. Memeti

Constraining environmental conditions along the northern margin of Laurentia during the Late Ordovician: An analysis of the Ely Springs Dolomite in eastern California
Trevor Slazas with Dr. Woods

Rate and timing of exhumation in the Copper River corridor, western Chugach mountains, southern Alaska
Matan Salmon with Dr. Armstrong

Evaluation of the contact relationships between the eastern Sierra Nevada and basaltic flows near Big Pine, CA
Amanda Shellhorn with Dr. Armstrong

Evaluating a potential connection between the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Osa Creek Ring complex and the Blackrock andesite, southern Sierra Nevada, California
Rebecca Steever with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Reconstruction of hydrologic variability during the last 1,200 years using sediments from Ford Lake in the Mojave Desert, California
Corey Stout with Dr. Kirby

Petrology of the Bodfish pluton, southern Sierra Nevada mountains, California
Russ Tinnell with Dr. D.Clemens-Knott

Documenting recovery from a deep water, Middle Triassic section from Fossil Hills, Humboldt Range locality, southern Canyon, Nevada
Christine Tong with Dr. Bonuso

Carbon geochemistry of Miocene aged concretions of the Castaic Formation
Bayne Westrick-Snapp with Dr. Loyd

Did alpine glaciers exist on Sugarloaf mountain during the last glacial (San Bernardino Mountains, California)??
Alex Woodward with Dr. Kirby