Undergraduate Theses


Student Title              Adviser
Katrina Awalt Determining History of Miocene Leatherback Sea Turtles Using Fossil Specimens from Southern California Parham
Charlie Chou A Paleoenvironmental And Ichnologic Analysis of the Upper Mississipian Rest Spring Shale of Inyo County California Woods
Jeremy Cordova Analysis of a Potential Paleotsunami Deposit at Los Penasquitos Laggon, San Diego, California Rhodes
Lorianne Emler Taphonomy of a Pleistocene Shallow Marine Whale Fall Bonuso
Lizzeth Flores Understanding the Petrogeneiss of K-Feldspars Megacrysts in the Twentynine Palms Quartz-Monzonite in Joshua Tree National Park Memeti
John Masters Subsurface Analysis of Fluvial Sediments from the Holocene-Pleistocene Epochs as California State University Fullerton, California Laton
Garrett Mottle Understanding the Orientation of the Sierra Nevada Frontal Fault System in the Vicinity of Lone Pine and Independence, California Armstrong
Phillip Sargent The Jurassic Sactar Granodiorite, Kern Plateau, California: Evaluation of Potential Boninitic Characteristics D.Clemens-Knott
Kelly Shaw Origin of Debris Flow Deposits in Starvation Canyon, Death Valley, California J.Knott
Anh Tran Examining sediment cores in tidal channels to determine the possibility of paleotsunami events in Seal Beach Kirby
Julie Unson Cement Paragenesis of Septarian Concretions of the Cretaceous Holz Shale Loyd
Sara Baldwin Constraining exhumation of the Kenai Mtns, Alaska by applying apatite (U-Th) / He dating Armstrong
Aaron Case Geochemical correlation of volcanic rocks in the northern Deep Springs Valley, California J.Knott
Lucy Cortez Wetlands Delineation Using Dendrochronology and Historical Rainfall Data to Crossdate the Climatic Stress Regimes in the Prado Dam Basin Located in Corona, Riverside County, California Laton
D'lisa (Ohara) Creager Paleotsunami Reasearch in the Seal Beach Wetlands Seal Beach, California Rhodes
Hector Fernandez Provenance of Detrital Zircons From the Gravelly Flat Formation, Great Valley Group, Central California D.Clemens-Knott
Dylan Garcia Searching for a paleotsunami Record at Seal Beach, Southern California Kirby
Joseph Hawkins Constraining Exhumation in Response to Shallow Subduction and Underplating of the Yakut Microplate in the Western Chugach and Northern Kenai Mountains, Alaska Armstrong
Matthew Hutchinson Petrology of Dome 7403 Browne
Christopher Johnson Geologic Mapping of Tertiary Deposits in the Central Last Chance Range, California J.Knott
Daniel Philo Seismic Hazard Assessment of C.S.U.F. Armstrong
Emily Silveira Reconstruction of Hydrologic Changes During the Last 96,000 Years Using Sediments From Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino County, California Kirby
Elizabeth White Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of the Summit Gabbro and Associated Granitoids of the Kern Plateau, Southern Sierra Nevada D.Clemens-Knott