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 California State University, Fullerton



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Deskside & Access Services and AVT

Deskside & Access Services Staff 2012

The Deskside & Access Services and AVT group consists of three teams: Deskside Support, Asset Management, and Audio/Visual technical support (previously Classroom technology support). Listed below are descriptions of each team and staff members.

Hector Ramirez - Assistant Director for Deskside & Access Services and AVT

Deskside Support

The Deskside Support team provides “hands-on” intervention when campus software and hardware stops working normally.  We quickly diagnose and resolve technology issues throughout campus and deliver and setup most of the desktop and mobile technology that the campus Faculty and Staff use.

Lorenzo Armas (Lead)
Chandra Jones
Alan Hsiao

Mark Redd
Tylor Vu
Andy Kang

David Luu
Cheng Lee

Asset Management

The Asset Management team is responsible for planning and deployment of all computer equipment to the campus community while maintaining an accurate inventory database. These items include: desktops, monitors, and mobile devices. We repair defective rollout equipment and research next generation technology. The team is tasked with maintaining a current campus software image on both PC and Mac platforms. Additionally, the Rollout support team is responsible for data sanitation for all computers on campus.

JP Marquez (Lead)
Art Booth
Andy Hsueh
Mike Lam

Audio/Visual Technology

The Audio/Visual Technology team (previously Academic Classroom Support) provides technical support to 188 Smart Classrooms and lecture halls throughout the CSUF campus. These classrooms can be used by all the 8 colleges, therefore they are called General-Use Classrooms.

The Audio/Visual Technology team owns, maintains, and services all general-use classroom equipment.  To ensure longevity and proper functioning of all equipment and for the safety of faculty and staff; Academic Classroom Support respectfully requests that all maintenance and service issues be handled solely by the technicians of Audio/Visual Technology Support.  Outside technicians may not be familiar with the delicate intricacies of the equipment and are discouraged from attempting to provide service for any such equipment.

Kris Mosser (Lead)
Steven Vu
Eunseok Song

Vince Hernandez