IT's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In the Division of Information Technology, we advocate DEI practices by:

  • Establishing search committees that are diverse and inclusive in their demographic characteristics as well and in their expertise
  • Advertising on diverse and inclusive job boards as well as in publications aimed at women
  • Mandating Cultural Competency 101 Training for all of IT
  • Participating in the Inclusive Leadership Development pilot program led by HRDI
  • Committing to Educause DEI along with other system-wide CIOsOpens in new window
    • On October 23, 2018, VP Dabirian was the 74th CIO in the country to pledge his commitment to DEI efforts   for the benefit of the technology profession at CSUF and nationwide
  • Monitoring and evaluating diversity goals and achievement to improve our practices in managing DEI

During the transition to virtual and summer 2020, the Division of IT has advanced our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts by:

  • In collaboration with HRDI, provided a refresher on the Toward Inclusivity & Civility training
    • Mandatory for the Division
  • In collaboration with HRDI, provided multiple Inclusive Customer Service Trainings for front-facing employees
  • Launched IT Connects to bring the Division of IT together and embrace cultural diversity
    • Distributed Weekly
  • Required managers to watch Just Mercy and Bryan Stevenson’s Ted Talk: We Need to Talk about an Injustice
    • Critical Conversation/Dialogue to take place at an upcoming management team meeting
  • Engaged with the Division of IT through virtual lunch sessions with Amir
    • Held bi-weekly when possible
  • Shared articles with the Division of IT in support of our colleagues
  • Encouraged staff to attend critical conversation sessions
  • Sending an email to the Division to participate in the One Book, One CSUF initiative, and read the book over the summer.

2016 to 2019 Staff Recognition Awards

Inclusive Organizational Excellence

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is at the core of who we are, as highlighted in Goal 3 of the IT Strategic PlanOpens in new window . We recognize and celebrate the diversity amongst us. Goal 3 objectives include:

  1. Examine the existing IT climate to identify and implement engagement strategies.
  2. Broaden the current professional development program.
  3. Establish workplace transparency across the Division.
  4. Advance ubiquitous communication within IT and across the University.

2019 IT Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Inclusive Leadership Development Overview

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Survey
  • Ongoing Sessions
  • Action Planning
  • Finalize Plan

Demographics of IT


Demographic breakdown by ethnicity, see data below

Demographics of IT


Demographic breakdown by gender, see data below

Demographics of IT - Ethnicity

  • Asian - 44%
  • Black/African American - 7%
  • Hispanic/Latino - 11%
  • American Indian/Alaska Native - 1%
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander - 1%
  • Not Specified - 5%
  • Two or More Ethnicities/Race - 1%
  • White - 30%

Demographics of IT - Gender

  • Female - 31%
  • Male - 69%