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Our event this year will focus on analytic tools and applications used to transform data to decision making.

04.19.2017 | 9am - 2pm | Pollak Library



Lin Zhou, Keynote

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Dr. Lin Zhou, Master Inventor from IBM Watson Education

Dr. Lin Zhou has a Ph.D. in Physics. He successfully managed many complex global initiatives in Cognitive Education, Semiconductor and Data Storage Industries. Lin has a large number of patents and publications. He has been conducting peer paper reviews for three journals for many years. In addition, he is invited to give the keynote speech, and on organization committee board of multiple artificial intelligence conferences. IBM honors Lin as a Master Inventor which is a recognition for the most innovative IBMers. Currently, he is the Program Director of Watson Education Innovation. Lin leverages Watson cognitive capabilities to create highly engaging and personalized education solutions at scale. He is also interested in the interception of neuroscience and learning. His passion in Education led to developing and teaching in colleges for the past decade.

9am - 10am | PLN-130


Joined By:

Nirmal Mukhi, Master Inventor, IBM Watson

Nirmal Mukhi leads a Reasearch and Development team to create personalized, cognitive education systems at IBM Watcon  Education. He spent 14 years at IBM Research where he was involved in developing core web technologies and standards that had wide influence in computing. He has published over 27 peer reviewed publications and has been granted over a dozen patents.




PLS- 240

Titan Direct Access Program

Overview of the newly launched Titan Direct Access program which provides free content to students during the first two weeks of classes, with savings up to 60% off of the new print price once purchased.

Willie Peng (Division of Information Technology), Michael Dickerson (Titan Shops), Ryan Hively (Vital Source), Katherine Hixson (Pearson) 


Accessibility in the Digital Age

Learn about both the positive impact that digital systems have on learning, as well as the barriers that it can present to some students

Tom Thompson (Disability Support Services) and Marc Montaser (IT)



Demo Area

Virtual Reality Today and Tomorrow

Join Dell as they discuss their existing approach to virtual reality, including a Dell VR headset demo.

Jim Whitmoyer (Client Technologist, Dell)


Power BI

Discover the benefits of Power BI, a new data analysis tool in Ofice 365. Attendees will see how to create graphs that will visually transform their data.

Sareena Barron (Microsoft) 



Demo Area

Adobe Spark Presentation

Using Adobe Spark for creating engaging visual stories delivered as web browser experiences and narrated/animated videos.

Liz Arias (Adobe)


Advanced Threats through Email Gateway

Proofpoint is a provider of comprehensive cloud-based cybersecurity. Learn about the advanced threats to universities via the email gateway.

Curtis Wray (Proofpoint) 




I Have Graduated, Now Help Me Get a Job

Learn about the free resources LinkedIn has to offer students including our new LinkedIn Students app designed to help college students get their first job.

Ryan Zervakos (


Internet Home Security

Learn the   various ways hackers try to   penetrate and take control of your home networked devices and provide you and your family with tools necessary to protect your home network along with security tips and information to stop your home devices from getting compromised.

Tony Modiri (CSUF Information Technology)


IT Purchasing Process

See a demo of the newly released Information Technology purchasing process. Utilizing an online workflow, this new process will streamline the existing review and approval process for technology purchases and incorporate accessibility and VPAT review.

Gilbert Angon (Contracts and Procurement), Marc Montaser (IT, Accessible Technology Initiative), Alyssa Adamson (IT)  



Demo Area

ShareStream Demonstration

ShareStream is coming to CSUF. View a demonstration of the new online video platform and streaming-media solution.


Demo Area

Microsoft Hub Demonstration

Microsoft Surface Hub Demonstration

Adam Newon (Spinitar)




Applying Business Intelligence With Data Science

We will examine how individual contributors can help organizations use information to make better business decisions.               

Carolyn Nersesian, Ph.D (Senior Data Scientist, Arbela)


Cybersecurity Landscape

The ever-changing security threat landscape presents challenges and potential cyber security breaches that are continuing to evolve. Moreover, the avenues by which a threat may cause a breach are numerous and evolving as well. IBM's review of challenges and best practices includes ways to avoid common mistakes and develop an immune system security approach that continuously evolves and becomes more aware as well. 

Michael R. Ash DDS, PMP, ITIL (Associate Partner, Healthcare Cybersecurity, IBM Security Services)


Leveraging the Internet of Things to Improve Success on Campus

Learn about security solutions, including Ransomware, TLM, and IOT

Shelley Silvas (SHI)



Demo Area

Business Process Automation

Automating your business processes using the data subscriptions module

Carlos Solorzano (StarRez)


Using Learning Analytics to Improve Student Success and Retention in Gateway Courses

For faculty and coordinators of high-enrollment gateway courses. Discussion and demonstration of an early alert dashboard for identifying and engaging at-risk students and tracking interventions to assess effectiveness. Attendees using select Pearson digital courseware will be offered the opportunity to pilot the program in the next academic term

Brian Buckley (Pearson)




Introduction to Big Data Analytics and Learning

Attend this high-level introduction of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with MATLAB.

Sumit Tandon and Bryan Perfetti (MathWorks)

Demo Area

OneSearch to Rule Them All!

The Pollak Library, in partnership with the entire CSU system, is moving to OneSearch, a new platform that will change the way you discover library resources. It will also simplify and streamline resource sharing across the CSU.

Mike DeMars (Pollak Library)





Learn about the tools available in Transferology. See a demonstration of the student experience in Transferology as well as transfer equivalencies, reports and statistics available in the Transferology Lab for staff.

Shelly Jackson (College Source)


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