Information Technology

values Moving towards sustainable practices means a triple win for all of us – increased efficiency, less impact on the environment, and lower costs. IT is committed to ensuring the campus network is protected. Information and communication security are crucial to effective campus functioning. IT is making every prudent step to ensure that information resources and technologies are accessible, for an inclusive learning and working environment. The only way we can succeed in the shared vision of making learning pre-eminent is to work together. We adopt strategies that are both prudent in the short term and that will strengthen the university for the long term.

Computer Lab FAQ's

FAQs for

Information & Learning Commons (Pollak Library PL)
McCarthy Commons (McCarthy Hall MH-47)
Titan Lab ( Pollak Library PL-030)

Computer & Software Questions

For general computer or software questions, such as:

  • Who can I talk to about formatting my paper?
  • Can you help me with finding something in Office 2007?
  • I can’t remember my password and I just need to print something out!
  • How can I print?

Users can go to:

  • Titan Lab---PLN 030
  • ILC Support Desk---PLN 1st floor
  • McCarthy Commons ---MH 47.

Where are the computer labs in Pollak Library and McCarthy Commons?

Pollak Library has 5 computer labs available:

  • Titan Lab---PLN 030
  • ILC---PLN 1st floor
  • ILC2 Self-Service lab---PLN 2nd floor
  • Oasis South Self-Service lab---PLS 1st floor
  • PLS2 Bridge Computers Self-Service lab---PLS 2nd floor

McCarthy Hall houses our newest computer lab at MH 47.

I am not a CSUF student, staff or faculty. Where can I use a computer in the library?

  • Go to the north side of the first floor to the ILC Support Desk. Consultants there will explain the process.
  • McCarthy Commons is not open to non-CSUF affiliates.


Where can I obtain information about software for my home computer?


Wireless, Email, VPN, Blackboard

Where can I get help with campus network services like wireless, email, VPN, and BlackBoard?

Call the Titan Help Desk at (657) 278-7777 or visit Help Desk at PLN 2nd floor.

How can I authenticate to the wireless network?

  • Please refer to the Titan Lab webpage for wireless network information. For additional assistance, please visit Help Desk at PLN 2nd floor.
  • To authenticate, use campus email username and password (this is the same login information required to use any computer in the library).

Personal Laptop or Home Computer Help

I need help with my personal laptop, where can I get help?

  • Help Desk at PLN 2nd Floor, can assist with personal laptop questions when related to campus software, programs, and applications (VPN, Portal, wireless, email, etc).
  • For any personal computer hardware or any other software problems please contact your
    computer maker or vendor.


Can the Help Desk assist me?
Please go to Help Desk at PLN 2nd floor for a diagnosis.

Library Student Laptop Questions

Where can I check out a student laptop?

Student laptops can be checked out at the ILC Support Desk---PLN 1st floor.

Printing, Copy Machines & Adding Money to TitanCard Questions

Where are the copy machines located?

  • PLN 1st floor
  • PLN 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor, located near the windows
  • McCarthy Commons-MH47


How can I print a document?
Send your document to one of the printers located nearby. When the print window pops up, the printer name appears. Usually the printer shown is the default and closest printer to the computer where you are sitting.

How do I pay for my print job?
You need to have funds on your TitanCard or you can buy a copy card (available for $1). You must add additional funds after purchasing card at the CSVT machines on the first floor north or in Titan Lab.

Where can I add money to my TitanCard?

  • CSVT: Money (bills only) can be added at CSVT machines located in Titan Lab---PLN 030 and at PLN 1st floor.
  • Online: Money can be added online through the portal. Log in to your portal and click on the “TitanCard” tab. Then click on “Purchase” and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • In person: Money can be added at the TitanCard office located at PLS 1st floor.

Where can I get change?
There is a change machine located next to the copiers at PLS 1st floor.

Where do I go to get a refund for something that did not print?

  • If the error occurred at one of the copiers or microfiche machines, go to Circulation.
  • If the error occurred at one of the printers, please see an ILC consultant.

How long will it take for a refund?

All refunds are done within 1 business day and are handled by TitanCard located at PLS 1st floor.

Research Assistance Questions

Where can I get help with Lexis/Nexis? (or any other library databases)

Visit one of the expert reference librarians---Reference & Research Services---PLN 1st floor. If the reference desk is closed, librarians may still be reached for research assistance through the
“Live Help” chat option located at: This option is available 24 hours a day.

I have a research assistance appointment, where do I go?
Reference & Research Services---PLN 1st floor

Who do I talk to about research questions?
Visit one of the expert reference librarians---Reference & Research Services---PLN 1st floor.

Journal, Magazine, Newspaper & Microfiche/Film Questions

Where can I find these periodicals?

  • If the call number is not known, go to Under Quick Links, click on “Library Catalog”. Select the “Title” tab and type the periodical title. Select “Periodical (Print/Online) & Newspaper Only” and make note of call number and location.
  • Once the call number is known, the periodicals can be found at:
    • Periodical Stacks are located in PLN 2nd floor
    • Compact Stack are located in PLN Basement
    • Microfiche/film readers are located in the compact stacks (PLN basement), Circulation Desk and on PLN 4th floor.


What do I do if the periodical I'm trying to find is not there?

  • Look up the call number to see if there is a backup copy in the compact stacks.
  • Ask a reference librarian at Reference & Research Services ---PLN 1st floor.


Where are microfiche/film readers located? Can you help me operate the microfiche machines?

  • Microfiche/film readers are located in the compact stacks (PLN basement), Circulation Desk and at PLN 4th floor.
  • Any microfiche/film assistance must be referred to Circulation.


Group and Equipped Group Study Rooms Questions

Where are the group study rooms?

The group study rooms are located at:

  • PLN Floors 1 through 4
  • PLS 2nd floor


How do I check out a Group Study Room?
Group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Group study rooms are kept
unlocked and are readily available for student use. If a room is locked, check with the Circulation
Desk---PLS 1st floor for assistance.

How do I check out an Equipped Group Study Room?
Equipped Group Study Rooms can be checked out at the ILC Support Desk---PLN 1st floor. Reservations for Equipped Group Study Rooms may also be made at the ILC Support Desk up to 7 days in advance.

Who can help me out with equipment in the Equipped Group Study Rooms?
Manuals are provided for all equipment in the Equipped Group Study Rooms. If further
assistance is necessary, an ILC consultant may be able to assist you.

Tutoring Questions

What and where is the University Learning Center (ULC)?

  • The ULC provides tutoring for most lower division GE courses; all levels of math up to Math 270B; most foreign languages; writing in general coursework; and a variety of upper division courses.
  • PLN 2nd floor across from the north elevators.
  • To make an appointment, call (657) 278-2738. Depending on tutor availability, the ULC may also accept walk-ins.


What and where is the Writing Center?

  • PLN 1st floor---north-west corner facing the Health Science and Kinesiology building.
  • The Writing Center offers a variety of tutoring options: one-on-one peer, online, group, and workshops. Geared toward the user’s needs---improving writing skills, thesis development, organization, improving sentence structure---the sessions last about 30 minutes.
  • To make an appointment, call (657) 278-3650 with at least one week in advance. Depending on tutor availability, the Writing Center may also accept walk-ins.


Other Questions

Where can I obtain my CWID?

Username Lookup Stations are located at the Titan Lab (PLN basement), first and second floors of Pollak Library or at McCarthy Commons. Enter your SSN to find your CWID. Alternatively, your CWID can be obtained from Admissions and Records office (LH114).

Where are the bathrooms?
Bathrooms are located next to the elevators on every floor of the North side of the library.

Where can I find this book?

  • Reference items can be found in Reference---PLN 1st floor.
  • For other books, check the location in the Library Catalog. For additional help, visit Research Services, PLN 1st floor.

Where can I check out books?
Circulation is located in Library South---PLS 1st floor. If Circulation is not open, checkout can still be accomplished by using the self-checkout machines located near the Circulation desk.

I lost something in the library yesterday, where can I find it?

  • Based on where the item was left, check with: Titan Lab (PLN 030), ILC Support Desk (at PLN 1st floor), Circulation Desk (PLS 1st floor) or Help Desk (at PLN 2nd floor)
  • Each ILC service desk has a lost and found box. Lost and found items are turned into Circulation at the end of each day.

Can you watch my stuff?

No, we cannot. The library is not responsible for unattended personal items.

How can I find a film/video?
Films and videos are located in Library North---PLN 4th floor. To find them, users can use the Library Catalog on the 4th floor, or use the library catalog by Circulation.

What room is my class in?
Go to the library website, and click on “Today’s Events”

Can I eat my lunch in the library?
No. Please check the Pollak Library Food and Drink Policy & Procedures here.

If you have a question not included here, please email us for a prompt response.

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