Cloud Computing Standards


This standard endorses the use of cloud services for file storing and sharing with vendors who can provide appropriate levels of protection and recovery for University information, and with explicit restrictions on storage of University Level 1 Protected and Level 2 Private Information.

While cloud storage of files can expedite collaboration and sharing of information anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, there are some guidelines that should be in place for the kind and type of university information that is appropriate for storing and sharing using these services. Even with personal use, one should be aware of the level of protection available for your data using such a cloud service.

Use of cloud services for storage, communication and productivity involving University Level 1 data is prohibited. Examples include but are not limited to Dropbox, Google Apps for Education, Office 365, and Exchange Online.

Use of cloud services for storage of University Level 2 data must be limited to services contracted by and supported by the University. Cloud services which are not supported by and provisioned by the University are prohibited.


A list of acceptable and unacceptable cloud services is in the appendix at the end of this policy.


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