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 California State University, Fullerton



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TitanCard TitanTender

What is a Stored Value Account?

Your TitanCard may also be used as a stored value card. Money that is stored on your card is called TitanTender. Every TitanCard issued has this functionality automatically. There is no need to open a checking account to use TitanTender. TitanTender can only be used on campus.  This is beneficial for parents who want to ensure that funds are used for campus life only. Since you can only spend as much TitanTender as you have on your card, you won't have to worry about overdraft fees, credit card bills, or interest payments.

When used as a stored value card, the TitanCard can be used on campus for various services. It can be used to purchase your books and school supplies, to buy food at the eateries on campus, to gain access to computer labs, print, copy, and use the microfiche machines in the Pollak Library. TitanTender can be used at the Food Court, Titan Bookstore, Student Recreation Center, Titan Billiards and Bowl, The Gastronome, Reprographics, and Admissions and Records. TitanTender is the only payment accepted on campus for printing and copying in campus labs as credit cards and debit cards are not accepted.

Adding Money (TitanTender) to Your TitanCard

There are several ways to add TitanTender to your TitanCard. You may come into the TitanCard service desk, located on the main campus in the Pollak Library. TitanCard accepts cash, checks, or credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). There is also a Cash System Value Terminal (CSVT) inside the TitanLab located in basement of Pollak Library. The CSVT machine accepts cash only and does not give change. You may also deposit money online using a credit card via your portal (click on the TitanCard Tab). You may also add TitanTender at the Irvine campus by visiting the Admissions, Registration, and Cashiering office in Room 127. For information regarding Irvine office hours, visit the Irvine Campus website.

Printing and Copying Options

The TitanCard Office offers a cash-free way to charge for printing or copying. Now students, faculty, and staff don’t have to carry cash and you don’t have to accept cash. Tracking supplies and usage of equipment is simple with custom reports generated to your needs.

Network Printing

College, departments, and labs may set up charging for printing or tracking printer usage by using CSPrint software. Reports on usage can be generated for departmental purposes such as budgeting, high/low printing times, and managing supplies.

Copier Controllers

Copy controllers allow you to charge for copies or limit the amount of copies made. You will not need to remember extra codes; just use a personal or department TitanCard. Custom reports are also available.