FrontDoorSoftware Security

Active faculty/staff can now protect their laptops and smartphones/tablets with FrontDoorSoftware Loss, Recovery and Personal Safety software for FREE.

Installations include laptop registration, new talk feature, and 4 years of software tracking service. Protect your laptop, information, music, emails and pictures for free today.

The Rescue ME Alert (MEA) feature for mobile smartphones/tablets is designed to help protect and recover your equipment, protect your information, and even help potentially save your life.

If your laptop is lost or stolen, you can blast a message to it that states THIS LAPTOP IS REPORTED STOLEN, lock it down from remote to help protect your information, send a text message to the thief, send your own custom talking message to the thief through the laptop, and even get a Google map of its location!

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Eligibility includes current students, faculty, and staff members.

Software Installation

  1. Download and install the laptop (Windows, Apple) or mobile (Android, iOS) installation files from FrontDoorSoftware. 
  2. Create an account to register your software.  You must use your campus email account to register your software to receive a 4 year free license,
  3. Restart your device to activate the software.

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