California State University, Fullerton has acquired Grammarly@edu for active faculty and staff.

Grammarly is an online writing assistance tool that not only does spell check but it also encourages polished grammar, better overall wordsmithing and a professional writing style.

 Once you have requested access for Grammarly@edu,  you will be able to login to Grammarly@edu using your campus email address ( and password.  Please follow the instructions below to submit your request.

Student Services: Grammarly

How to Request Grammarly@edu

  1. Submit a Request for Grammarly@eduOpens in new window
  2. Wait for your license to be provisioned. (Can take 24 hours)
  3. Look for an email from Grammarly once provisioned
  4. Accept the invitation to join CSUF Grammarly to complete the process
  5. Login to Grammarly using your CSUF email address ( and password