Each active CSUF faculty/staff is entitled to ONE license for AT HOME USE.

Leximancer is a text analytics tool that can be used to analyze the content of collections of textual documents and to display the extracted information visually. The information is displayed by means of a conceptual map that provides a bird’s eye view of the material, representing the main concepts contained within the text as well as information about how they are related

You can get a FREE personal license for LexiDesktop through the CSUF e-licensing store and download and install Leximancer on your own computer. All personal licenses will expire on September 15th, 2023.


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Step 2:

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*Note: You are downloading the trial version that needs to be activated with the license key received in the previous step.

Student Services: Leximancer

Installation Guides

Use this step by step guide to help you install Leximancer on a personal computer.

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Get technical help

If you need technical assistance please contact Leximancer support

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*Note:  To retrieve your key, please follow the steps above.