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IT Division Student Assistants (SAs) – Processes & Services

In our continued effort to use our resources efficiently, Information Technology is now in the process of centralizing its' SAs processes and services. These processes and services include, but are not limited to: SAs Hiring, Training, Interviews, Interchangeability, etc.


The hiring of SAs (including GAs) will be performed by Nene Williams.

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Live Scan

SAs hired after the start of Fall 2011 will be required to do Live Scan, which will be processed by Nene Williams.

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Mandatory Training:

There are several mandatory training courses for SA, that are accessible through the Portal.  Each department is responsible for ensuring their SAs complete these training courses within the first month of their employment. Each of these training courses need only be completed once during the SAs' entire campus employment. SA Mandatory Training via Portal

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New SA hires will be provided with a zz-account via an ITRF, processed by Nene Williams.

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SA timesheets will be processed and signed at each department level through an eForm. After signatures are obtained timesheets must be delivered to Nene Williams. Each SA can access their eForm via the Portal using the following steps:

  1. SA Logs into Portal with their zz-account.
  2. Click on "Titan Online" tab
  3. Go to "My WorkPlace" (scroll down; it is on the left)
  4. eForms - Human Resources
  5. Select "Payroll"
  6. Select "Students Timesheets 2014-2015" at the top
  7. Select "Student Timesheets 2014-2015 – Dist

Note: The top section of the form will be prepopulated automatically with the SA information when they login with their zz-account.

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Pauline Knox and Gabby Guzman are the designated coordinators assigned to pick up warrants for students in the IT Division.

Warrants will be available for pick up on the 15th of each month between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM in PLS-299.  Note:  If the 15th falls on the weekend, the warrants will be available the Friday before the 15th.

If students are unable to pick-up their warrant, they may submit a self-addressed stamped envelope to Pauline or Gabby in LH-700, or consider enrolling in direct deposit.

  • Students will need to bring an ID when picking up their warrants.
  • Warrants may not be picked up for other students/employees.
  • Warrants may not be picked up by managers on student’s behalf

If a warrant is not picked up by 4:30 PM on the date of issue the warrant will be held for 5 business days by Pauline and Gabby in LH-700. 

After 5 business days, from date of issue, the warrant will be returned to the Office of Human Resources, CP-700.

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When a SA separates from a department in IT, their supervisor is responsible to provide the termination date to Nene Williams. Nene Williams will then request, through an ITRF (or any other system in place), removal of the SA's zz-account and email to have the zz-account removed from CMS.

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SAs evaluations are not required but they are highly encouraged. We recommend conducting SA evaluations twice per year, before finals. See a sample of a form that Campus uses.

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Additional Training

Each IT department is responsible to provide specialized SAs training. In addition there are SA General Training Guidelines that is provided for you to be used as needed.

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