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Laptop and iPad Checkouts

Laptop and iPad Checkouts

SCG Long Term Laptop Checkout

Students can checkout laptops over the semester.  This is a perfect solution to students who don't have access to a computer from home or for those students taking a course which uses the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL).  

Hourly Laptop Checkout

For those students who need a laptop on a short term basis you can get one from the ILC support desk within the Library.

iPad Checkouts

Students are able to checkout iPads from the ILC Support Desk for use within the Pollak Library. 

For a complete listing of checkout policies visit the ILC Laptop information


SGC Long-Term Laptops
Currently enrolled students need their instructor's to email with the student's name, CWID and course name.  Students cannot have financial or academic holds to check out laptops.

Hourly Laptops and iPads
Must be a currently enrolled student with no financial/academic holds

Checkout Duration

SGC Long-Term Laptops
The checkout period is 30 days at a time and can be renewed up to four times a semester.

Hourly Laptops and iPads
Can be checked-out for 4 hours with the option to extend checkout.

Terms and Conditions

By checking out equipment you are taking responsibility for the equipment being loaned to you.

SGC Long-Term Laptops
Any loss of equipment, damages, or theft will result in a $250 fine.  Late fees of $25 per day will be applied for failure to return the laptop by the due date.

Hourly Laptops and iPads
Any loss of equipment, damages, or theft will result in a $1500 fine for laptops and $500 for iPads.  Late fees of $25 per hour will be applied for failure to return the equipment by the due time.