Student Genius Center - 4th Floor

Fourth Floor Lab

 Computer Lab Features

    • 24 PCs
    • 110 Docking Stations for personal/loaner laptops (PC & Mac)
      • 27 inch monitor
      • Keyboard & mouse
    • Work space for personal laptops and collaborative activities
      • Portable whiteboards
    • Printing Options
    • Mobile device charging stations

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Pollak Library North Fourth Floor

Computer Lab Hours:

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Contact Info

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(657) 278-8203
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Special notes for using the lab

  • Log On: Campus Portal username and password are required to log on to computers.
  • Assistance: Self-service area, assistance is only provided for technical issues with computers & printers.
  • Classroom Instruction: SGC 4th floor is an open lab environment and is not for classroom instruction.

Language Input Support

Western: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
Eastern: Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese
Language Grammar and Dictionary Support: English, French and Spanish