Image of short-term devicesShort-Term Checkouts

Pollak Library North, 1st & 2nd Floor and The Titan Student Union, Information Desk

Laptops, iPads*, & Portable Chargers are available for check out to currently enrolled CSUF students and are ideal for working on assignments, group collaboration, classroom use, and surfing the web.

*iPads are not available for checkout in the TSU and PLN2

How to Checkout a Device

Devices are checked out on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to availability. 

Students can check-out a device at:

  • Student Genius Center (SGC) - 1st floor of Pollak Library North
  • Titan Student Union (TSU) information desk.  

Devices may be taken outside of the Library or TSU.

Note: Devices can only be returned at the location where they were picked, i.e. a device picked up in the Library must be returned to the SGC desks and those picked up at TSU must be returned to the TSU desk. 

Attention: Please save your work onto an external storage device or cloud based storage.  Documents saved to the laptop will be deleted when the laptop is turned off or the lid is closed.  SGC & TSU are not liable for any work lost whilst using the laptop.

SGC Service Desk Hours

TSU Service Desk HoursOpens in new window

Device checkout Policies

  1. Students must be enrolled for the current semester, with no holds.
  2. Valid TitanCard is required at all times.
  3. Students are able to check-out devices for:
    1. Laptops:
      1. SGC: 2 days
      2. TSU: 1 day
    2. iPads/Portable Chargers: 1 day
  4. Late fees of $20 per day will be applied for failure to return the device by the due date.
  5. All returns must be made 30 mins before the closing time of each service desk.
  6. By checking out a device, you will be responsible for the equipment being loaned out to you. Any loss of equipment, damages, or theft will result in a fine of $250 to $1,250.
    • Replacement fee will be based on the current value of the device at that time. 
    • Take reasonable care of the device and avoid physical mishandling.
    • Keep the device away from food and drink.
    • Avoid touching the screen with hard objects.
    • The device will be inspected upon return.
  7. Do not tamper with any of the hardware components, attempt to open the device, perform repairs by yourself or with third party vendors. Any evidence off hardware tampering will result in a fine of $250 to $1,250.

Laptop & iPad Software & Apps


  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • Adobe Acrobat


You must have an Apple ID to install any apps.


Portable Chargers Features

  • Recharge both your Laptop and Phone
  • Each charger has 2 USB ports plus 1 AC outlet.
  • You must have your own Charging Cable.
    You can also rent one at the SGC