CSUF Student Email & Portal

Alumni who graduated Spring 2008 or later, your CSUF Portal and Office 365 Outlook email account will stay active indefinitely*. Alumni from prior years, former students and former applicants  are not eligible for a CSUF Portal and email account.

* This is subject to change, and you will be informed if your Portal & email account will be deactivated. In addition, for Alumni who did not set up their Microsoft 2FA Authentication Your Portal and Email will be disabled.

Alumni Information

To increase cybersecurity, all alumni will be required to use Microsoft Authenticator, a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution. Microsoft Authenticator will be turned on nine months after graduation.

More information on Microsoft Authenticator can be found here:

Microsoft Authenticator Guides

You may check your email by logging onto the CSUF Portal or directly from Outlook.com.

How to Access EmailOpens in new window

If you do not setup your Microsoft Authenticator 2FA, you will lose access to your CSUF Portal & Email Accounts.  Email reminders will be sent to Alumni prior to being disabled.

If you passed the deadline to setup your Microsoft Authenticator 2FA, you can call the CSUF IT HelpdeskOpens in new window to re-enable your account.  Please be prepared to join a Zoom call to verify your ID.  Note:  If it has been more than 30-days since your account was disabled, you will no longer be able to retrieve your previous emails. 

Former Students/Applicants

Nine months after you last attended or applied to CSUF, your CSUF Portal and Email account will be disabled.

Portal and email access are only available for currently enrolled students or alumni (students who graduated and earned either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from CSUF)

You are considered as a former student if one or more of the following apply:

  • Applied to CSUF and never attended.
  • Started a degree program, but did not graduate.
  • Took courses through Open University.
  • Took a certificate program through Extension & International Programs.
  • Took a non-degree certificate program.
  • Former OLLI member (You are not a currently active paid member of OLLI)

Email reminders will be sent prior to your account being disabled.  If you missed the deadline to back up your data - we will not be able to re-enable your account.

If your account has been disabled AND you are returning as a student, please wait 24 - 48 hours for your account to be re-enabled by our system, AFTER you have completed the re-application process AND have been re-admitted.