Migration to Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Office 365 Outlook?

 You will still access your email through your Portal, by clicking on the envelope icon on the top right of the page

Alternative, you can  go to the CSUF login pageOpens in new window , select Student and login with your CSUF Portal username and password. 

Can I keep both Gmail and Office 365 Outlook?

No, after the migration to Office 365 Outlook, you will have limited access to Gmail and eventually, Gmail will be phased out. All Google Suite tools (Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.), other than Gmail will continue to be available. 

Can I setup my Office 365 Outlook email to autoforward to another email?

No, your Office 365 Outlook email is CSUF's official email and for security reasons, campus emails can not be forwarded to a personal email account.

Will my email address remain the same?

Yes, your current campus username and password will remain the same.

Will all my emails and documents from my Gmail transfer over?

The messages, folders, and attachments from your Gmail account will be automatically transferred to your Office 365 Outlook account. 

What will NOT migrate over?

Calendar and contacts are different G-Suite applications and will not get transferred over. You can still access them through the Titan Apps link on your CSUF Portal.

Where will new emails go?

Your Gmail mailbox will stop receiving new emails. New emails sent to your csu.fullerton.edu email address will then be automatically sent to your Office 365 Outlook inbox (you do not need to adjust your forwarding settings).

I am no longer receiving emails on my phone/laptop/tablet?

If you setup your student email on  a mobile device mail app or laptop, you will need to update the app settings to use Outlook servers.

Setup Email on Mobile Devices/Laptop

How do I access my Google Drive/Google Docs?

You can access your CSUF G Suite apps, from your student portal, search for Titan Apps under More Apps on the left-hand side.

How to Access Titan AppsOpens in new window