Transforming Technology-Empowered Learners

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TitanWare is Cal State Fullerton’s comprehensive technology ecosystem designed to advance student success. Our goal is to provide students with the solutions needed to thrive academically and in the workplace. Many faculty expect students to bring a laptop to class every day to leverage our technology-infused teaching & learning ecosystem in and out of the classroom.

TitanWare and laptops were essential to the transition to a virtual environment during the pandemic. In addition, they are vital for the return to campus.

CSUF IT strives to provide many of the software students need for their academic discipline, all they need is a laptop to use it on! TitanWare, for your success today and tomorrow.

Student Laptops

The Laptop is the nucleus of  our suite of technologies. 

Laptops are used to enrich learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom, improve communication with instructors and classmates, and offer direct access to many CSUF educational resources. As students install college-specific software and use their laptop, they will develop valuable skills needed for the workforce of the future.

Students should expect to bring their laptop to campus everyday.

Laptops for Student Success

Students have the following options to acquire a laptop:

* 24x7 Student IT Helpdesk is available to help load the suite of software and set up Wi-Fi. The Student IT Helpdesk is 24x7 during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Laptop Specifications by college/discipline

Technology ECosystem at CSUF

TitanWare Ecosystem with icons to IT Services and a Laptop at the center.

Software Suite

Students have access to a rich suite of software (retail value over $10,000 annually) at no additional cost. Visit the student software page to learn more about our complete software suite.

All CSUF Student Software

Adobe Creative CloudOpens in new window (Design Software)

DropboxOpens in new window (File Storage)

EndNote (Bibliography and References)

GrammarlyOpens in new window (Grammar Checker)

LinkedIn Learning (Online Training)

MatLabOpens in new window (Math Programming)

Office 365 (Word, Powerpoint, Email, etc.)

PitchVantage (Public Speaking Software)

QualtricsOpens in new window (Survey Software)

RgurooOpens in new window (Data Analysis)

SolidWorks (CAD Software)

SPSSOpens in new window (Data Analysis)

TableauOpens in new window (Visual Analytics)

ZoomOpens in new window (Web Conferencing)

and Much More!Opens in new window

Infrastructure Software

Connect to campus resources, course materials, and other services

Canvas LMS (For your courses)

iTuffy (AI Chatbot)

TitanNet (Advising Appointments)

Titan OnlineOpens in new window (Course Registration)

University PortalOpens in new window

Virtual LabsOpens in new window

You@Fullerton (Mental Health)

and Much More!Opens in new window

Girl sits on laptop in the south side of Pollak Library

Network and Security

Our teams in IT work to make sure you have the access and security you need.

Students sitting on the steps inside the TSU

IT Support

Students have a dedicated Help Desk team to support them via phone, email, and online 24x7 during the Fall and Spring semesters.

24x7 IT Help Desk Support

The Student IT Help Desk provides technical support to students for campus related technologies.

Call (657) 278-8888

Email  StudentITHelpDesk@fullerton.edu

Online Chat

  1. Login to http://my.fullerton.edu
  2. Click Online IT Help
  3. Click on Live Chat

Student IT Helpdesk is 24x7 during the Fall and Spring semesters


24x7 AI ChatbotOpens in new window

iFullerton AppOpens in new window

Mobile Tech Support

Student Genius CenterOpens in new window (walk-in tech support)