Invest in professional and intellectual development of IT staff. Establish an enterprise IT governance that is participative and transparent (Aligned with University Goal 3)


  • Assess the information technology climate and utilize results to identify and implement retention and engagement strategies
  • Implement an IT staff work plan to increase professional development and promote career advancement
  • Build a diversified information technology organization
  • Implement a comprehensive IT governance structure
  • Establish an Employee Recognition Award program
  • The IT Project Management Office (IT PMO) will manage all IT enterprise projects


  • In partnership with the Division of Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion, assess and determine appropriate professional development opportunities that will invest in all divisional departments
  • Create an inclusive IT governance with membership from administrative, academic, and student leadership groups
  • To ensure that all IT departments are included, create and implement a bi‐annual recognition process that cycles through and acknowledges deserving staff members in all divisional departments over the course of the year
  • Deploy a standard enterprise management application for the PMO that is capable of generating dashboards and assessment reports
  • Create a comprehensive marketing and communications plan for improvement of internal and external communications