California State University, Fullerton

IDEA (Innovate, Develop, Engage, Act) Project Development

OURIP will provide incentive funds to support the development of project concepts for external funding. Projects should be interdisciplinary in nature and involve faculty from a variety of disciplines. The Lead Faculty member will receive a $1,000 stipend and participating faculty (typically up to five members on each IDEA project team) will each receive a $500 stipend.

IDEA Project Teams are organized around a particular issue area such as sustainability, aging, urban agriculture, etc. If you have a topic area that you would like to explore, please contact us to discuss the possibility of establishing your own IDEA Project Team.

IDEA Project Expectations:

Each team should meet on a regular basis to discuss potential ideas. Team meetings can be determined by the group, but need to be no less than once per month.

Each team should conduct a thorough literature review to insure that potential projects are innovative, relevant and/or developed using best practices when applicable.

Each team should develop a 10-page proposal outlining potential projects that may be developed for external funding.