Freshman Year Checklist

0-29 units

By participating in academic advisement opportunities from admission to graduation, you will:

 Pre-First Semester

  • Learn to access and understand the portal
  • Understand the opportunities available to complete remediation requirements by successfully enrolling in the Early Start Program if required
  • Successfully register for and attend New Student Orientation
  • Combine the information from your Advising Team and create a successful first semester schedule
  • Understand the importance of a liberal education and articulate the value of the transferable skills their future employers will seek
  • Begin to develop a network of support by connecting with a minimum of two students and at least one faculty member during orientation

Freshman year

  • Clearly interpret the TDA, independently navigate the student portal, and accurately describe the components of your degree
  • Review your four-year road maps and TDA with your team of advisors
  • Work with an advisor to connect interests and goals to your major
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic university procedures and policies including: 1) how to find your registration date and how to register; 2) how to interpret holds; 3) university deadlines (add, drop, W); 4) and the application of grade forgiveness.
  • Identify General Education requirements for which AP credit was previously earned
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the CSUF graduation requirements i.e. minimum number of units required to graduate, minimum GPA requirement etc.
  • Actively participate in the major exploration process by identifying majors that correspond with personal interests, academic skills, and abilities
  • Identify appropriate advisors and participate in a minimum of one advising session with each while further investigating major requirements

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