Junior Year Checklist

60-89 units

By participating in academic advisement opportunities from admission to graduation, you will:

  • Critically review your TDA and take action when needed to ensure accurate records are maintained
  • Confidently develop a clear plan for graduation while taking ownership of your education including identifying remaining courses, mapping which courses will be taken when, and that all graduation requirements will be met (minimum of 120 units, degree checkout- 85 units)
  • Apply the knowledge and make informed decisions based on individual interests and personal growth potential
  • Discuss graduate school opportunities and further investigate admission standards, required exams, as well as prerequisites if you are interested
  • For transfer students – Demonstrate knowledge of basic university procedures and policies including: 1) how to find their registration date and how to register; 2) how to interpret holds; 3) university deadlines (add, drop, and W); 4) possible grades including an incomplete; and 5) grade forgiveness


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