First Year Programs


First Year Experience offers a community of students, professors, advisors, professional staff and peer mentors to help first-year students make new friends and make the most of the college experience. 

  • UNIVERSITY 100: Each section of University Studies 100 corresponds with one of our five learning community themes, so you enroll with students that have similar interests and goals. (First Year Experience students are required to enroll in University 100; non-Freshman Programs students are not able to enroll in University 100)



Are you looking for a small community that will give you the tools you need to transition from high school to college?  First Year Connection is a living-learning community for students in Freshman Programs, which teaches students the academic and practical skills for college success.

General Education Pathways

GE Pathways offer a unique opportunity for you as a first-time freshman, to construct a more intentional focus in the selection of your first-year courses.You will have the opportunity to complete 9-15 units of thematic coursework throughout your first two semesters.You will benefit from the thematic content of your preferred Pathway and improve your marketability in the workforce.

Finish in Four

The Finish in Four Scholars Program supports its student participants' commitment to their timely graduation when they complete all of their required coursework within a specific four year timeline. The Scholars are supported in their active, self-directed, academic career planning through scheduled advising by their major and general education advisors each semester, concentrated adherence to the program's guidelines and requirements, and dedication to their belief in the benefits of a degree in higher education.


A check-list of Student Learning Objectives for students entering and completing their freshman year at CSUF.