Blockquotes can be used for pull-quotes, testimonials, and to cite other documents. Below are two examples one with no special class information and the second adds a graphic when used with a css style to enhance default behavior.

CSS Style

No class is required it automatically formats based on blockquote element type.

Within seventy years, these differing aesthetic considerations would develop into an international style which was reflected in the clothing worn during the Renaissance. At the time that the Renaissance began to bloom, women's gown were long, flowing and intricate. Nationalistic trends and individuality dominated.

CSS Style


To my delight sports fans turn out to be about the most interesting consumers there are. Sports marketing is a $200 billion-a-year industry, and it seems like everyone wants to get into the game.
- Tom Boyd

There are limitations to how many blockquotes you use in any particular sections but if you add the css style to quote all blockquotes within that section will be styled with the quote image on them.