Two CSS-based buttons are available with nine colors to choose from.


Best used for forms or prominent links.

Example Code: 
<a href="#" class="button univBlue">  or
 <input type="button" class="button univBlue">   

Color Class Style Sample
rounded corners styles
University Blue button univBlue Submit
Medium Blue button medBlue Submit
Light Blue button lightBlue Submit
Gray button gray Submit
University Orange button orange Submit
Beige button beige Submit
Black button black Submit
White button white Submit
Gradient button gradient Submit



Best used for links with longer titles/statements.

Example Code: 
<a href="#" class="pill univBlue"> or
<input type="button" class="pill univBlue">

Color Class Style Sample
Pill corners styles
University Blue pill univBlue Submit
Medium Blue pill medBlue Submit
Light Blue pill lightBlue Submit
Gray pill gray Submit
University Orange pill orange Submit
Beige pill beige Submit
Black pill black Submit
White pill white Submit
Gradient pill gradient Submit