Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are a common practice in good website design.  You want to help answer common questions that users are asking about your website and make them feel like you understand where they are coming from.  Below you'll see two ways to create them on your pages.


Do I still have time to apply (and join) your Fall 2018 cohort?

No. The Fall 2018 cohort has been closed.

When is your next cohort?

Fall 2019.

I heard that there is an in-class version of MSE, called AMSE (Accelerated Master in Software Engineering). May I read more about the AMSE program?

Yes. Since some students can't take the online MSE program (e.g., the online MSE program can't issue I-20 to international students), we start AMSE to serve those students. AMSE is totally in-class. For more information please visit the AMSE website

I noticed that the AMSE (in-class version of MSE) is offered by the university's Extended Edcuation. Is the AMSE degree different from the online MSE degree?

No. Both online MSE and AMSE offer the same degree - Master of Science In Software Engineering.

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