Campus Feature Blocks

Do you need to hightlight some information or make something stand out from the rest of the content on a page?  Feature blocks are designed to help you format your information easily and effectively so it stands out on your page without distracting from your overall page presentation.

feature block example picture

Feature Block 1

this is a standard block of text that is great with a picture and short paragraph of text

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Feature Block 2

feature block 2 example pictureFeature block 2 allows you to put a little more punch into your content with a white box and a pin strip border.  

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Feature Block 3

Feature block 3 is great for hours, special details, or external links to extra information. 

Use a link at the bottom with a button or pill then color class to make an easy to see set of additional resources for your users. 

Feature Block 3

Feature Block 4

Large blocks of color used to highlight whatever text you want.  There are up to 9 standard colors used with this style.  Each color has been chosen to meet 508 compliancy.


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Feature Block 5


Add extra visual styles to your page with images under text. Minimal extra css work is required.


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Feature Block 6

Place topical text here below the header.  Good for multiple areas on the page or lists of content that can be seperated by colored bars on the top.


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Feature Block 7

Similar to feature block 6 you can have colored bars atop your section while adding extra content support to your page.


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Feature Block 8

Multiple feature block 8 sections will allow you to make an effective portal layout on your page while keeping the user experience simple. 

links on the bottom will create a bar to help launch them to their next destination.

Feature Block 8

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