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 California State University, Fullerton



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Carding Technologies

Access and Tracking Options

Attendance Tracking

If you have student workers, you can track their attendance through a card reader from TitanCard. These readers can be used to track activities like attendance for groups, workers in a lab, equipment being checked out or used.

Demographic Information

If you would like to know the demographics of the people using your services or facilities, this may be tracked through a card reader from TitanCard. This information may be used for many purposes.  You may want to use the numbers to schedule the appropriate amount of staff or demographic user profiles to customize your services to your end-users.

The information that you receive from these readers may be put into easy to read reports. The reports can be created in different formats to suit your purposes (Excel, Word, Crystal, Acrobat, and Text).  They may also be presentation quality reports with graphs and summaries. These reports will be customized to fit your needs.

Access Validation

If you want to limit who may enter your lab, seminar, or event, a card reader from TitanCard can do that for you. The patron will need to swipe their TitanCard and the reader will let you know if the patron is allowed in. We can also provide you with attendance reports for your event!

Printing and Copying Options

The TitanCard Office offers a cash-free way to charge for printing or copying. Now students, faculty, and staff don’t have to carry cash and you don’t have to accept cash. Tracking supplies and usage of equipment is simple with custom reports generated to your needs.

Network Printing

College, departments, and labs may set up charging for printing or tracking printer usage by using CSPrint software. Reports on usage can be generated for departmental purposes such as budgeting, high/low printing times, and managing supplies.

Copier Controllers

Copy controllers allow you to charge for copies or limit the amount of copies made. You will not need to remember extra codes; just use a personal or department TitanCard. Custom reports are also available.