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How to Use Your TitanCard

What is a TitanTender Account ?

Your TitanCard serves as a stored value card. Money that is stored on your card is called TitanTender. Every TitanCard issued has this functionality automatically available, there is no need to open a checking account to use TitanTender. TitanTender can be used only on campus.This is beneficial for parents who want to ensure that funds are used for campus life only. Since you can only spend as much TitanTender as you have on your card, you won't have to worry about overdraft fees, credit card bills and interest payments!

There are several ways to add TitanTender to your TitanCard. You can come into the TitanCard office, located on the first floor, north side of the Pollak Library. The TitanCard office accepts cash, checks or credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa). In addition, you may add money to your TitanTender account using the ValuePort machine (accepts cash only) located in the first floor north side of the Pollak Library. You may also add money to your TitanCard via your student portal by using your credit card. At the Irvine campus, you can add money to your TitanTender by visiting the Admissions, Registration and Cashiering office in room 127. For information regarding office hours please visit the Irvine Campus website.

Do I have to buy a meal plan to use the Gastronome?

Residence Hall students must purchase a meal plan through Housing and Residence Life, which includes declining balances dollars. These meal plans and declining balances may only be used at the Gastronome and the Community Market.

Students living off campus are not required to purchase a meal plan to eat at the Gastronome. They may use TitanTender to purchase meals at campus food establishments including the Gastronome. TitanTender is less restrictive than a meal plan. However, faculty, staff, and non-residence hall students may purchase voluntary meal plans through the Gastronome website

Do I have to open a US Bank Checking account to use my TitanCard?

No. All students receive a free TitanCard from the campus and are automatically able to fund their TitanTender account. A US Bank checking account is an optional benefit you can sign up for, however, it is not necessary for your day to day campus life. US Bank is a preferred partner that offers the additional benefit of opening a checking account and linking it to your TitanCard. Your TitanCard can then be used at any PIN based location to access your checking account funds for purchases off campus. Students need to be aware that money in their checking account cannot be used at locations that only accept TitanTender and parents need to be aware that money added to a US Bank checking account can be used off campus at any establishment.

 Where Can I Use My TitanCard?

When used as a stored value card, the TitanCard can be used on campus for various services. It can be used to purchase your books and school supplies, to buy food at the eateries on campus, to gain access to computer labs, print, copy and use the microfiche machines in the Pollak Library.

TitanTender can be used at the following locations:

 Food Court, Titan Bookstore, Student Recreation Center, Titan Billiards and Bowl, The Gastronome, Admissions and Records, Digital Print Services, Starbucks, Brief Stop, Carl's Jr., Nutwood Café, LH Express, Irvine Bookstore, and Housing Laundry. TitanTender is the only payment accepted on campus for printing and copying in campus labs, credit cards and debit cards are not accepted.

What Do I Do if I Lose My TitanCard?

Lost cards should be reported immediately. You can report a lost card by coming to the TitanCard office or by going to your portal. Your card will be de-activated as soon as the TitanCard office has been notified. The TitanCard office is not responsible for any lost funds. If your lost card is found by the TitanCard office we will notify you as soon as possible. You can come into the TitanCard office to get a replacement card. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement cards. Please review the Terms & Conditions for more information. If your card is linked to a U.S. Bank checking account, please contact 24-hour customer service by calling 1-800-USBANKS (872-2657). U.S. Bank will immediately deactivate the ATM portion of your TitanCard. Once you get a replacement card from the TitanCard office, please stop by the U.S. Bank branch on campus to have your new card attached to your checking account.