Graduated Students

Find out what happens to your access to campus related IT resources once you have graduated from CSUF.  Most services will remain active for nine months after you graduated and last attended classes at CSUF.  There are some exceptions based on the service.  Refer to the specific sections below for more details.

Office 365

Your Office 365 Education account will expire nine months after you graduate and from the date you last attended classes.

  • Your Office 365 applications will have reduced-functionality, which means that you will only be able view documents, but you cannot edit or create new documents.
  • Online services such as Office Online and OneDrive will no longer work as they are also associated with your CSUF account.

You can purchase a Office 365 Personal license directly from Microsoft if you wish to continue using Office 365 applications.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Your Adobe Creative Cloud license will expire nine months after you graduate and from the date you last attended classes.

You will need to transfer your files or sign up for a personal Adobe ID and transfer your assets to your personal account.

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CSUF Dropbox for Business

Your CSUF Dropbox for Business account will no longer be managed by CSUF and will become a personal Dropbox account managed by Dropbox.

You will not lose any of your files or data.  Follow the steps below for more information on how to access your account.

Dropbox Instructions

SPSS, MATLAB, & Beyond Compare

Your SPSS Statistics, SPSS Amos, MATLAB licenses will expire on June 30th.  Beyond Compare licenses will expire on July 1st.

You can purchase software directly from IBM SPSS,  MathWorks, or Beyond Compare if you want to continue using them.

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LinkedIn Learning & Qualtrics

You will no longer have access to these online services through your campus Portal.

You can purchase a subscription directly onLinkedIn Learning or Qualtirics if you wish to continue using them.

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 Qualtrics users can contact Qualtrics Support at 1-800 340-9194 to have your data moved over from your CSUF account to your personal account.   Your username associated with your CSUF account is your campus email (

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Student Email

For students who graduated 2008 or later, your CSUF Office 365 Outlook email account will stay active*. Graduates from prior years are not eligible for an email account.
You may check your email by logging onto the CSUF Portal or directly from

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Alumni CSUF email accounts will be required to use Microsoft Authenticator, 2FA.

Microsoft Authenticator Guides

* This is subject to change, and you will be informed if your email account will be deactivated.

Other Campus Resources

You will no longer have access to these campus services:

  • Online Library Databases
  • Computer Login
  • TitanCard
  • GoPrint (used for printing in campus labs)